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The Science of CGP

Announcing the Science Museum Studies Master's Program at CGP! Founded in 2015, the Science Museum Studies program provides an environment where participants get hands-on experience in communicating science to the public in a diversity of science venues and organizations.

Project oriented and collaborative in nature, the program facilitates a deep understanding of the process of science and develops the skill sets required for working in today’s science venues. For more information, course descriptions, and examples of projects and content, please visit Our CGP Science Website or contact Carlyn Buckler, PhD. at carlyn.buckler@oneonta.edu.

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The Cooperstown Graduate Program (CGP) is the premier program for the training of museum professionals in the United States. One of only two programs in the country located on a museum campus rather than a university campus, students have the opportunity to interact regularly with museum professional staff, with objects, and with exhibitions.


The Cooperstown Graduate Program trains creative, entrepreneurial museum leaders committed to generating programs and services for the public good.

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Cooperstown Graduate Program - Our Alumni
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Students graduate from CGP and pursue careers in a variety of areas in the museum field. The depth of a CGP education is reflected in the positions held by alumni and the varied organizations they work for. Alumni around the world work as curators, directors, educators, marketers, development officers, registrars, human resource specialists, designers, and museum consultants in both the nonprofit and for profit sectors.

Graduates hold positions in large cultural institutions, small museums and historic houses and sites throughout the country. Other alumni contribute to the field through their work in corporate organizations and exhibit fabrication companies. For a sample of where our alumni are working scroll down to the list below.

Our graduates also serve as board members of community groups, museums and professional service organizations. More than 750 alumni make a difference in communities across the country.

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Cooperstown Graduate Program's 50th Anniversary

Join us as we celebrate the Cooperstown Graduate Program’s 50th Anniversary on October 10-12, 2014 for a weekend of remembering, learning, and feasting! For hotel accommodations and more information please contact Catherine M. Raddatz.

Visit the 50th Anniversary Celebration website for an updated schedule of events, to hear and contribute oral histories related to CGP history, and to learn more about the LegacyForward fundraising campaign.

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