Cooperstown Graduate Program


The NYSHA Library and the Cooperstown Graduate Program would like to thank the following for their support on this project:

Thank you to Stephen Miller and the Technology Services department at the State University of New York at Oneonta for engineering and technical assistance.

Also, we appreciate the consultation and help of Benjamin Harry, Media Specialist, and Anne McFarland, Director of Archives and Special Collections, of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Input from participants on the CGP alumni listserve also greatly benefited this project.

"An Archive From Back to the Future: Listening in on the Archive of New York State Folklife, 1964-1983" was created by Ryan Anthony Donaldson with assistance from Joshua Muse, CGP Webmaster and Computer Lab Technician. We would like to thank CGP Director and Distinguished Professor Gretchen Sullivan Sorin for her guidance and assistance.

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