Lakefront Park in winter

CGA events

The Cooperstown Graduate Association (CGA), the alumni organization of the Cooperstown Graduate Program, organizes a variety of academic and social events throughout the school year. For information on any of these events, please contact Catherine M. Raddatz, Coordinator of Alumni Affairs.

Cooperstown Graduate Program's 50th Anniversary

Join us as we celebrate the Cooperstown Graduate Program’s 50th Anniversary on October 10-12, 2014 for a weekend of remembering, learning, and feasting! For hotel accommodations and more information please contact Catherine M. Raddatz.

CGA Conference

Every other fall CGA sponsors a scholarly symposium held in Cooperstown. A call for papers is made in the spring preceding the conference. Submissions are received from nationally known historians and material culture scholars as well as students from graduate programs in a variety of disciplines. The conference also coincides with our yearly hands-on workshops.

Bruce Buckley Lecture

CGPs legacy is steeped in the dedication to the study of folklore and folk life. Until 1979, CGP offered a degree in American Folk Culture, and folklorists throughout the country recognized the program for its quality and dedication to the field.

Although no longer a degree program, folk studies remains an important component of the CGP education and curriculum. A research and fieldwork course is required during the first year of study, and students learn how to conduct oral histories and record traditions and stories of the past.

CGP also holds an annual lecture on a topic in folk studies. Every year, the program invites an established scholar in the field to share his or her expertise, experiences, and advice through a free evening presentation for the entire community and a professional seminar for students.

Click here to learn about this year's Buckley Scholar as well as previous Buckley Scholars.

CGP at Conferences

This year several CGP alum were honored and involved with the AASLH conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jean Hayden Svadlenack ’78, Museum Consultant, Svadlenak & Associates, Kansas City, MO received an Award of Merit from the AASLH Leadership in History Awards for the exhibition and video Americans by Choice:  The Story of Immigration and Citizenship in Kansas.

Tobi Voigt ’06,Director of Education and Interpretation at the Detroit Historical Society, and award-winning web developers at Eduweba  received the 2012 AASLH Award of Merit for Building Detroit, an online game and curriculum for elementary teachers and students.

Congrats to all and we look forward to seeing you next year!