Cooperstown Graduate Program

community involvement

Cooperstown provides students with a variety of opportunities for community involvement. These activities enhance students' realtionships with one another, with local museums, and with the surrounding community.


CGP's partner institutions, NYSHA and The Farmers' Museum, hold a number of annual programs, and students are encouraged to participate. These events, including Harvest Festival, New York State History Day, and the Teachers' Conference, provide first hand experience in museum programming, and the opportunity to get to know the museums and local communities.


For those seeking local opportunities outside of museums, organizations such as the SPCA, Cooperstown School District, and Bassett Hospital are often looking for volunteers. Those looking for recreation can head to the Clark Sports Center, which organizes a number of intramural sports, or participate in local races to raise money such as the Relay for Life, the Coop Loop 5K Run & Walk, and the Mohawk River Half Marathon. Lastly, though academics clearly take up most of a student's time, some opt for part-time employment at a number of local businesses.