Cooperstown Graduate Program

CGP theses and projects



Barry, Jacob C. "Who doesn't want a Maine vacation?": Female African
American Guesthouse Proprietors in New England Resort
Communities 1945-1964.

Broadbent, Julie. Working Like a (wo)man: Women Working in Rock Hall, Maryland's Seafood Industry.

Budlong, Sarah B. Selling Safer Sex: The Visual Culture of Condoms in New York City AIDS Prevention Materials, 1986-1994.

Cohen, Amanda B. "Keeping the Family Together": Family Circles and Changing American Jewish life in the Twentieth Century

Cothren, Olivia B.Getting Back to Work: Career-Based Partnerships Between Historic Sites and Social Service Agencies.

Gross, Matthew R. "We are not Enemies, but Friends": The Civil War Centennial.

Hollister, Amy K. The Great Transformation: The Entrepreneural History of The Strong.

Jackson, Tramia A. Crossing Over: W.E.B. Du Bois and the Afro-Asian Writers' .

Jahrling, Ashley L. Honored Grandmothers: Personal and Family Identity in Portraits of New England Women Over Fifty, 1780-1820 .

Lewis, Casey M. Damsels and Dresses: The Dressmaking Industry in Elmira, New York 1880-1917.

Manahan, Amanda Proctor's Legacy: the Utica Parks System.

Mustone, Kelly L. Facing Death: Glass Viewing Windows in American Coffins and Caskets, 1870-1900 .

Nerland, Elizabeth W. Race, Revolution, and Rockefeller: Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller's Correctional Politics and Policies Before and After the Attica Uprising.

Rohlman, Keith M. Warring Identities: Media Coverage of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team's Rescue of Lost Battalion and Public Perceptions of Race.

Stokes, Christine M. Preserving the Maple Museum: National Register of Historic Places Nomination for the First Presbyterian Church of Jefferson, NY .



Arnold, Emilie S. Breaking Free: Museum Admission and New Audiences.

Buchinger, John. Otsego: A Meeting Place: An Interpretive Plan.

Drake, Amy E. Rubbing the Pommel: Women and Bicycling in the 1890s.

Lor, Kue. J. The Vanderbilt Farm Complex: The Forgotten, not lost, History of a Gentleman's Farm in Hyde Park, New York, 1901-1908.

Mullen, Kelsey P. "Never More to Find Her": Sentimental Elegiac Song in Nineteenth Century America.

Mundt, Cassie Sometimes Interesting, Sometimes Boring: Engaging Teenagers in History Museums.

Pease, Maria L. Three Months in a Car: How to go Autocamping and How One Autocamping Road Trip Actually Happened.

Reynolds, Virginia. "Slaves to fashion," Not Society: Elizabeth Keckly and Washington, D.C.'s African American Dressmakers, 1860-1870.

Royer, Andrew D. Setting Up Front Line Staff for Success: Museum Visitor Experiences Depend On I

Steinhauser,Brooke M. Public Spirit, Private Ambition: Mabel Loomis Todd and the "Women's Era" in Amherst, Massachusetts, 1881-1917.

Vann, Maria. Sirens of the Sea: Female Slave Ship Owners of the Atlantic World.

Wolfe, Audrey J. "The Flame is Kindled": Interpreting Revolutionary Women at Boston-Area Historic Sites.

Woodcox, Geoff. Tourism and Roadside Architecture: Nominating the Cherry Valley Tepee to the National Register of Historic Places.



Bramson, Cara Popular Culture Ripped at the Seams: Race and Gender in the Work of Six Contemporary African American Women Fiber Artists
Bevington, Kathryn  Early Devonian (Lochkovian) Chitinozoan Biostratigraphy of the Lower Helderberg Group, Appalachian Basin, New York State And The Age Of The “Kalkberg” K-Bentonite
Blume, Johanna Simple Words of Water and Lands”: Subsistence Salmon Fishing and Federal Law in Bristol Bay, Alaska, 1867 to the Present Day
Conn, Christina Little Boxes on the Hillside: Lakeland Shores and Postwar Development in Cooperstown, New York
Cox, Matt Race, Place and Things That Eat Your Face: Racial and Cultural Stereotypes in Zombie Movies, 1932-1968
Davy, Jennie Labels Without Borders: Multilingual Exhibition and Labels for English Language Learners
Frey, Amy Valuable Assets: Historic House Museums and Earned Income Ventures
Grothe, Claire Greening the Past: Environmental Education Programming at Historic Sites
Olson, Mary Building A Wild New World: The Creation of the Wild Center
Walker, Cynthia Impressions of a World Traveler: Early-Twentieth-Century Ethnocentrism in the Photography and Writings of Edith Barry
Winklebleck, Daniel Science Discovery Center of Oneonta Museum Plan



Andrews, Erin The Factory We Can’t Do Without: Sidney and Scintilla During World War II
Ayers, Laura More Than Just Home Base: Community Relations Between the Racine Belles and Residents of Racine, Wisconsin.
Berver, Meghan On the Shoulders of Seven Giants: Victoria Reid and the World of the Gabrielino
Cuadrado, Celestina Connecting Back to “Borinquen: Puerto Rican Women and Religion in Brooklyn, New York”
D’Aquila, Kathleen Witchcraft Continued: Nineteenth-Century Witchcraft Accusations in the United States
Domm, Ashley The Enemy Alien Program at Ellis Island During Word War II:The German Experience, 1941-1948
Foster, Janet The Turtle, A Case Study of the Native American Center for the Living Arts, Inc., Niagara Falls, New York
Hanna, Nora Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Norwich, New York: A Nomination for the State and National Registers of Historic Places.
Hunt, Cynthia Rochester's Rosies: The Women Workers of Eastman Kodak and Taylor Instrument During World War II
Kreidler, David In the Fires of Despair: Arson and Masculinity in Utica, New York, 1849-1850
Lurio, Ansel What The Farmers’ Museum Can Learn From Farm-Based Education
Peterson, Elizabeth “Time Travelers Wanted”: Re-Interpreting the Past at Plimoth Plantation
Schuyler, Sara The Turnverein in a Company Town: Creating "A Compact, Contented and Well-Regulated Community"
Voss, Emily Astronauts, Aliens, Rockets, and Ray-Guns: Toys of the Space Race, 1950 – 1977
Wood, Nicholas Reel Change: Early Maine Movie Theaters and the Creative Economy



Aimonovitch, Mary Joseph Keppler and the Seneca Nation, 1899-1956
Cox Markle, Nicole The Back Stairs at the Black House:  A Program Project on Servitude at the Woodlawn Museum
DeLanoy, Kira Envisioning Success:  Redefining Membership Programs at State Historical Associations
Feddes, Danelle Here Lie the Bodies:  The Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery, Cooperstown, New York
Hart, John Old Stories, New Techniques:  Using Multimedia to Present Historical Topics
Harvey, Erica Eastern State Penitentiary’s Cellblock Three:  Transforming for Tuberculosis
Hopkins, Ashley Henry Di Spirito:  The Man Who Can See Inside of Rocks
Lane, Carolyn American Indian Culture:  A Series of Lessons Developed for the New York State Historical Association and The Farmers’ Museum
Lehner, Stephanie Becoming Visible:  Mainstream Cultural Institutions and the Successful Presentation of LGBTQ History Exhibitions
Light, Stephen Love at War:  The Civil War Courtship of John L. Hoster and Josephine Cole
Rea, Rosamond George Nixon Black (1814-1880)
Reid, Dawn All The Modern Conveniences:  An Exhibition Script for the Dimmick House, The Farmers’ Museum, Cooperstown, New York
Richards, Brian Half-Broken Barriers: Frank Robinson, Major League Baseball, and American Race Relations in the 1970s
Rowe, Alan The Invention and Popular Acceptance of Ice-Cooled Cold Storage:  The Social Construction of a New Technology
Soodalter, Ronald These Pimps of Piracy:  Captain Gordon, New York City and the Slave Trade
Sparacino, Nicole Live in Color:  Visual Culture in the Negro Units of the Federal Theatre Project
Springle, Kimberly A Fearless, Unconquerable Soul:  Nannie Helen Burroughs and Civil Rights in Early Twentieth-Century America
White, Lori Not a Man, Nor Patriot, Nor a Christian That Will Shrink From Duty: The Elijah Keith Civil War Papers 1862-1865



Benway, Sarah Uncovering an Underground History: Enforcement and Ethnicity in Prohibition Era Albany
Betz, Kate  Arthur C. Parker and Angel Decora: The Indian’s Indian in Early Twentieth-Century American
Clothier, Anne Prisons, Petticoats and Phrenology: Eliza Farnham and Reform at Sing Sing Prison: 1844 - 1848       
Donaldson, Ryan The Archive of New York State Folklife: A Narrative History and Assessment
Gundrum, Amy Woman to Woman - Legacy of Stained Glass: Memorial Windows in Two of Cooperstown Churches
Hall, Rosemary Click to Give: Online Fundraising and Museums
Holmes, Emily An Agricultural Interpretive Plan for The Farmers’ Museum
Huntley, Anna An Interpretive Plan for the  David Sayre Store and House Museum
Muse, Joshua “The Show That May Save Your Life:” Fear, Security, and the Alert America Convoys, 1951-1952
Peden, Sydney “Very Busy All the Time:” Diaries and Personal Reflections of Young Women in Rural New York, 1850-1870
Poling, Lesley Artist, Teacher, Farmer:  John Calvin Perry and the Role of Art and Art Education in Rural Central New York, 1860-1890
Price, Perry New On View: Contemporary Artists and the Reinstallation of Museum Collections
Sabatke, Kajsa “Tremendous Possibilities”: The Collaborative Partnership of Stephen C. Clark and Louis C. Jones at the New York State Historical Association, 1947 - 1960
Schultz, Elizabeth Interpretive Plan for the Jonas and Deborah More House, The Farmers’ Museum, Cooperstown, New York



Aquila, Valerie The Reggio Emilia Approach as Applied to Early Childhood Programming in Museums
Bowers, Tiffini National Association of Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club
Chaison, Katherine E. F. Beadle’s Vision:  Suburban Building in Cooperstown, New York
Doane, Erin Between the Lions:  A History of the Van Raalte Mill in Saratoga Springs, New York
Emery, John For Prosperity’s Sake, Buy an Automobile:  Motor Car Consumption in Cooperstown, New York During the Great Depression
Garner, George Funny Papers:  Dixie Dugan and World War II
Harders, Mehna Lawrence Lebduska:  The Life, Work and Dreams of a Self-Taught Artist
Henning, Robert The Advertising of E. Remington & Sons:  The Creation of a National Brand, 1854-1888
Hollis, Sylvea More Than a Passing Notice:  Tracing the Lives of African American Workers in Cooperstown, New York, 1860-1900
Hortz, Laura Italian-Americans in Philadelphia Newspapers, 1930-1941
Lehan, Sheri Female Education in Nineteenth-Century Vermont:  The Middlebury and Burlington Female Seminaries
Lannon, Kiernan The Other Side of the Tracks:  Cooperstown, New York’s Irish Hill, 1900-1920          
Nordmark, Anneke The Resource Connection:  Maps and Natural Resources Three Outreach Programs of the Farmers’ Museum
Petry, Benjamin Eye of the Storm
Smith, Jeffrey Planes, Trolleys and Automobiles:  The Diaries of Peter S. Best 1911, 1921-129
Turdo, Mark A Great Many Years in Quiet and Peace:  Community and Conflict in the Lehigh Valley During the French and Indian War, 1755-1758
Vadney, Jon Gregory Soccer Sunday:  The Fall River Marksmen of the American Soccer League
Voigt, Tobi Unraveling Myths:  Knitting and the Impact of Feminism During the 1960s and 1970s
Wood, Cameron The Halloween Hook:  A History of the Holiday and its Role in Museum Programs



Albertson, Andrew Becoming Beaumont:  100 Years of an American Glass Company
Camaione-Lind, Aria The Last Mile:  An Analysis of the Death Penalty Through Film, 1987-2001                  
Cassarly, Katie President James Buchanan – A Teacher’s Curriculum Guide
Crissman, Erin “I Will not be a Master of any Business Whatsoever.” Solomon Van Rensselaer’s Struggle with Social and Political Change: 1795-1852
Cunningham, Amy Effective Membership Programs in Small Museums
Doane, Erin Between the Lions:  A History of the Van Raalte Mill in Saratoga Springs, New York
Dumitru, Nicolae Database Entries and Catalog of the Nantucket Historical Association’s Scrimshaw Collection
Fincher, Maile Kimchi or Potato Chips:  The Experience of Three Korean War Brides in Kansas
Fognell, Eva Geronimo:  An American Indian Legend
Garner, George Funny Papers:  Dixie Dugan and World War II
Green, Karen Creole Taverns in the Catskills:  The Origins of an Architectural Vocabulary
Kirkpatrick, Megan A Life’s Landscape:  The Regional, Self-Taught Painter, David Krivin
Larkin, Patti Taking it With You:  The Material Culture of Backpacking
Long, Stephanie George Whittell at Lake Tahoe:  Choices for Conservation and Development
Mockler, Kate Nomination of Elmwood, Morris, New York to the State and National Registers of Historic Places
Noll, Rebecca Shifting Gender Roles in the Production of Butter:  A Case Study of the Lucius T. Bushnell and Rosetta Bushnell Family
Pentangelo, John Glory Enough:  The Commemoration of the Battle of Brooklyn, 1895-1935
Petry, Ben Eye of the Storm
Rhoback, Kristine Picture This:  Memories and Images of Frank Rollins                          
Rudler, Janna The Sayre Store:  An Interpretation Based on the Archaeology of the Sayre House Site and Manuscripts of David L. Sayre
Slaughter, Rebecca As They Lay Down to Sleep:  Privacy in the Third Quarter of the Nineteenth-Century in Otsego County, New York
Sorensen-Stahl, Lisa Connections:  The Videoconference Program at Fenimore Art Museum and The Farmers’ Museum
Taylor, Christopher John Q. Adams:  A Race Crusader in the Midwest and His Place on the Ideological Spectrum
Courtney Titus Surviving the Surroundings: An Interpretive Proposal and Health, Housing and Sanitation Tour for the Lower East Side Tenement Museum
Viebrock, Stacey Friendraisers:  Target Marketing Young Professionals in Museums



Barnes, Tamara African-Americans in Nineteenth-Century Bucks County, PA:  Residents& Runaways
Beams, Daniel Research for Recreating an Upstate New York Hamlet, circa 1845
Chapman, Jennifer Beyond Turkey:  Italian American and African American Thanksgiving Foodways Between 1945 and 1965
DeCicco, Kim Death, Memory, and Mourning in a Victorian House:  A Funeral Tour for the William H. Seward House Museum
Duffy, Kristin A Study of a Group of Hungarian Immigrants to the Chicago Area Following The 1956 Revolution
Frank, Ilene Teens Make a Difference:  Community-Based Museum Programs for Adolescents
Grim, Linnea Making Green Spring Home 1900-1990:  A History Exhibition
Kjirsten Gustavson Lace Me Tighter Mother Dear:  Adolescent Clothing, 1860-1890
Hautaniemi, Amanda Toys of Toil:  Housework and Housework Toys From 1960-1985
Higgins, Katie Dedication and Dismissal:  The Career of Isabel Whittier
Larson, Erik The Material Culture of Transition:  Melamine Dinnerware 1943-2004                     
Louis, Helen B. Planning for Reinterpretation:  New Directions for the Farmers’ Museum
Maust-Blosser, Trisha Playing in Barns and Ballrooms:  The Music of Clarence Lockwood (1879-1937) of Saratoga County, New York
McCone, Jane A Docent’s Guide to the Historic Interpretation of the John Hanford Farmstead at Hanford mills Museum
McLain, Megan In the Business of Good Things:  Martha Stewart Living 1991-2001
Murdock, Michelle Photographs of Another New York:  Hansi Durlach, The Humanist Tradition and the Sharon Springs Series, 1968-1972
Preiss, Rebecca Bay Backpack Program:  A Children’s Program for the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
Robbins, Lee Diets by the Book:  From Weight Watchers Through the Millennium
Sager, Scott Building on a Strong Foundation:  The Development of Lego
Schaack, Megan Agricultural Extension in Scott County, Minnesota:  1918-1948
Torrance, Joshua Records of the Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservations and the History of the Effort to Organize Woodlawn Museum in Ellsworth, Maine
Turdean, Cristina Sitting For Smith: A Photographer and His Clients in the 1860’s
Weisman, Hannah Something for Everyone:  Visitor Services in Art Museums
Weller, Kate From Meetinghouse to Church to Shrine:  The Evolution of the Mohawk Valley’s Palatine Churches



April, Jennifer Phillips Democracy in the Classroom:  An Interactive Approach to Teaching Civics in The High School
Blay, Joshua Billboard Freight Cars
Bowers, Tiffini A. National Association of Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club
Gallagher, Bernard F. A Brand is Built in the Mind: Walter Landor and the Transformation of Industrial Design in the Twentieth Century
Haines, Jennifer Furnishing Utopia:  A Furnishing Plan for the Oneida Community Mansion House
Huber, Sandra If This Night Could Last Forever:  The Material Culture and Popular Culture of the High School Prom
Krok, Melissa Chairs to Stencil ‘Til the Cows Come Home and Plenty of Graining to do in Between: Roy Bartlett and the Early American Decoration Movement
Miller, Hanna Identity Takeout:  How American Jews Made Chinese Food Their Ethnic Cuisine
Mueller, Kristen A Different Kind of Pitching: A Public Educational Program on Baseball and Advertising
Musto, Michele Visions of the Future:  The Material Culture of Star Trek
Norton, Jessica  Amherst Farms:  Portraits of a Vanishing Era, A Methodology Paper
Praria, Kimberly Visions of Others:  Changes in Shaker Doctrine as Viewed Through the Acceptance or Denial of Popular Worldly Fashion
Schmidt, Christina Proposal for the Farmers’ Museum’s Hands-On History Center
Soden, Suzanne Senior Girl Scouts, 1939-1960:  From Self-Reliance to Social Adequacy
Stewart, Jaclyn Carving Away Whatever Wasn’t Duck:  The Life and Work of Decoy Carver Gary Giberson
Strohl, Erik Drawn to the Game:  Cartoon Illustrators Reveal Our National Pastime, 1850-1970
Thoms, Sabrina The Life and Career of Elizabeth Bissell, Unadilla Tailoress: 1823-1836



Adams, Bethany D. Summer Sun:  A History & Model of an Early Childhood Enrichment Program
Amash, Carissa The Bennington Pottery Gallery and Study Center
Blankenship, Jody  The Rise of the Trailer Class: The Reinvention of a Manufactured Home Community in Western New York                    
Charlebois, Catherine To Heal and to be Healed:  Physicians and Their Patients in Upstate New York Circa 1845
Chrabascz, Jeremy Dressing America’s Game:The History of Baseball Uniform Manufacture
Clothier, Sharon A Family Home in Brooklyn: 1930s Furnishing Plan for 1698 Bergen Street
Dobbs, Christopher Road to America:  The Great Western Turnpike.  A History and an Interpretive Program About People and Transportation in Nineteenth-Century America
Frey, Julie Blowing Smoke Her Way:  A Study of the Tobacco Manufacturers’ Campaign to Advertise Towards Women in Three Popular Magazines, 1920-1935
Gallagher, Kathleen Corporate Identity & Exhibition Guidelines for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
Grant, Cristin Exhibiting the Future:  The 1982 Knoxville World’s Fair and Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center
Krueger-Jebitsch, Hilary E. Milton Fairchild’s Report on the Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902:  an Edited Manuscript
Jelly Smith, Lisa Studies in Material Culture:  The Mattie Edwards Hewitt’s Interior Photographs
Liebler, Lauren Pride and Passion:  The African American Baseball Experience
Lewis, David Didja Ever Want to be a Fireman?
Marietta, Andrew Bump Tavern Interpretive Plan                      
McMillan, Morgan Party Pink or Clerical Gray?  Gender & Clothing Colors in SearsCatalogs 1950-1970
Nohra, Elizabeth The Collections of Benjamin Wirt
Pfeifer, Nezka Millennialism and Century’s End in New York State
Retallack, Linda Did It Happen?  Does It matter?  The Controversial Interpretation of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings
Rigas, Bridget Developing Interdisciplinary Educational Programs at Museums:  The Farmers’ Museum and Simple Machines:  A Case Study
Smith, Sarah Tuberculosis and Its Effect on American Interiors, 1890-1930
Walden, Barbara Rampant Religion and Scandalous Sects:  The Interpretation of Socially Sensitive Topics in Nineteenth-Century Utopian Communities                                
White, Jennifer “To be Sold at his Shop in York, Opposite the Town House…” Edward Emerson:  Eighteenth-Century Entrepreneur, York, Maine
White, Tara Black Women in the Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1963:  Alabama Christian Movement For Human Rights Birmingham, Alabama
Woodbury, Coral Antique Dealing Women and the Rise of Their Trade
Wraalstad, Melissa Frances Seward and Lazette Worden:  Two Sisters’ Approaches to Activism