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Art History is a crucial aspect of the museum field. While it's application within traditional art museums is obvious, art is frequently a part of the collections and interpretive strategies of history museums. CGP offers electives in Art History for students who wish to further their knowledge of the topic.

elective classes

Survey of American Folk Art
ARTC 530 (3 credits)
Instructor: Paul D'Ambrosio
This course will explore the contribution of the untrained artist to American art and history by surveying the many styles and forms in folk art from the 17th century to the present day. The emphasis will be on folk painting and sculpture, both traditional and eccentric, covering its validity as art and its
role in American life. Class time will be divided between slide lectures, examination of objects in NYSHA’s premiere folk art collection, and discussion of relevant issues—theoretical and practical—related to the study of folk art. Several field trips are planned.
Fall elective, alternate years.


Survey of American Art
ARTC 540 (3 credits)
Instructor: Paul D'Ambrosio
This survey course will explore American painting from the Colonial era to the present and will make extensive use of the collections at Fenimore Art Museum. Emphasis will be placed on museological issues relative to American art history. Classes include lectures, object examination, and field trips. Requirements include a class presentation and a ten-page
research paper.
Fall elective, alternate years.


Topics in Art
ARTC 550 (1-3 credits)
Instructor: Faculty
Students may request a course pertinent to the Program’s areas of interest but not regularly offered. The course will be given only if three or more students request it, and a faculty member is able and willing to offer it.
Fall or Spring elective.


Independent Study: Art
ARTC 551 (1-3 credits)
Instructor: Faculty
Students are eligible to pursue special studies for graduate credit as an Independent Study. No more than three semester hours may be elected in any one semester. Students must complete an Application for Independent Study form and have it signed by the instructor before registering for the course.
Fall or Spring elective.


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