AALANA Mentor Program Enrollment Form


If you have questions about the AALANA Mentor Program, please call Mary Bonderoff the
Director, Student Diversity and Advocacy, Netzer 119, Office: 607-436-2665 Cell: 607-547-1072

Vsit SUNY Oneonta's Peer Mentors FB group here.

PDF Version: Download the enrollment form and interest survey here.

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  1. Choose TWO INTEREST GROUPS below. The lists are just general guides to possible activities, not necessarily actual activities. You and your interest group will decide what activities to participate in during the August AALANA opening. Please indicate your TWO choices by selecting Choice 1 or Choice 2:

  2. • Learning about/sharing AALANA cultures
    • Working with the Multicultural Student Council (MSC)
    • Making sure that AALANA activities represent the diversity of AALANA
  3. •Writing poetry, short stories, or screenplays
    •Acting in plays; Performing spoken Word; Choreographing dance
    •Designing fashion or modeling in shows
  4. •Staying physically fit through exercise
    •Learning about eating right
    •Avoiding behaviors that hurt your health
    •Knowing the truth about diets
  5. •Fighting for/discussing matters of civil rights
    •Promoting a safe space environment for LGBTQ students
    •Learning about diversity
    •Participating in political activism
  6. •Participating in Student Government
    •Learning about Greek Life
    •Developing leadership skills
    •Representing AALANA student issues on College committees
  7. •Rhyming, rapping Producing beats, DJing
    •Singing, writing music, performing
    •Producing music (any genre)
  8. •Connecting with peers who have a similar interest in academic success
    •Participating in regular study groups
    •Getting the extra help and encouragement to study!
  9. •Enrolling in exciting physical education classes, i.e. rock climbing, kayaking
    •Organizing activities at the college camp to experience nature
    •Exploring new places; Planning “exotic” trips and activities

  10. The following questions are optional. We appreciate your responses.

  11. 8.How would you rate yourself on the following traits? (check one for each trait)