Obtaining Your VA Benefits


Contact Your VA Certifying Official:

Eileen McClafferty
Director of Academic Advisement / VA Certifying Official
100 Netzer Administration Building, SUNY Oneonta
Oneonta, NY 13820
Phone: (607) 436-3390 Fax: (607) 436-3392
e-mail: Eileen.McClafferty@oneonta.edu

  • The Academic Advisement Center (AAC) oversees Chapter 30 (Montgomery), 31 (Voc Rehab),  35 (Dependents' Assistance), 33 (post-9-11), and 1606/1607 (reserves) educational benefits. The Veterans' Certifying Official (VCO) is located in Academic Advisement.
  • Student Accounts assists with the above and oversees other veterans' benefits (VA TAP and GO ARMY).
  • If you are using any other benefits, you usually obtain those directly through your recruiter/unit.


File your FAFSA to be eligible for other forms of state and federal grants and loans.


Our responsibility is to verify your attendance to VA and/or NYS each semester and to maintain accurate records of your major, enrollment, cost of atttendance, and progress toward degree completion.

Your Responsibility- IMPORTANT!

  • Provide all necessary documentation and maintain contact with the VCO regarding enrollment status
  • Notify the VCO immediately if a class is dropped or added or there is a change to your major.

New students - Provide the VCO with the information needed to process your VA enrollment the first time:

  1. Provide the VCO with a copy of your application for VA benefits (first time recipient) or Change of Place of Training (continuing recipients who are new to Oneonta). This may be done online via VONAPP on www.va.gov.
  2. Attach a note identifying which VA benefits you want (Chapter 30, 33. . . ). If you are a Chapter 35 dependent of a vet, please identify if you are the first, second, third, etc. in your family to use these benefits.
  3. If benefits have been transferred to you, submit a copy of the letter identifying the benefits have been transferred. If you are the dependent of a vet, submit a copy of the verification of eligibility of benefits and the social security number of the vet.
  4. If you have been discharged, I need a copy of your DD-214.
  5. Notify the VCO if you change your major or your schedule.

Continuing Students -- What does the VCO Need to Process Your Benefits in the Future?

  1. During the fall and spring, the VCO will automatically verify your attendance to VA once you are registered AND you have cleared your bill.
  2. If you enroll in winter or summer sessions at Oneonta, you must let the VCO know if you want to use your benefits for these terms. These registrations will not result in automatic VA certification.
  3. Notify the VCO if you change your major or your schedule.

How Payments are Made

  • CHAPTER 33 (post 9-11): Tuition and fee payments come directly from VA to the College. Living expenses/book stipends (if eligible) come to you. Living expenses are paid only when classes are in session and each month's payment is sent at the beginning of the next month (September is paid in October, October in November, etc.)
  • Other benefits (1606, Montgomery GI, Chapter 30, 35. . . ) are paid directly to the recipient.

  • New freshmen and transfers: It can take VA 7-12 weeks to process benefits from the time you are entered into the VA educational benefits process. Continuing students' benefits may be delayed 4-8 weeks. Please plan your finances accordingly.

Deferring SUNY Oneonta Tuition and Other Fees

Contact Student Accounts if you wish to request a deferral on your tuition bill. The staff there will determine if and how much can be deferred. The VCO will submit a copy of each semester's VA certification to both the student and Student Accounts so each party is aware of the time and validity of the certification.



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