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Associate Professor: Allen (Chair), Dixon, Johnson, Mills; Assistant Professor: Fuller, Lascell, Olstad

Geography is the study of people, place, and the environment.  Geographers examine the spatial organization of natural processes and human activities and the relationships that form between people and their environment.  Maps and geospatial technologies are fundamental tools of the discipline. Our mission is to prepare students with a well-rounded perspective of geographic knowledge and skills that will enable them to interpret social, physical, and environmental influences at local, regional, and global scales.  Student interests are paramount, as we strive for excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service.


Geography provides a world of opportunities. The Geography Program is designed to give students a broad background and knowledge of the various avenues of intellectual pursuit within the discipline. Students are introduced to the basic themes explored by geographers. Geographers ask where things are located on the earth’s surface, why they are located where they are, how places differ from one another, and how people interact with the environment at different locations. Students are prepared to pursue further study or to move directly into the job market. Basic skills related to cartography, or aerial photo interpretation, computer mapping, satellite image analysis, geographic information systems, and global positioning systems form an integral component of many geography courses and make possible the professional orientation for the traditional liberal arts major. The Geography Program also provides a strong background for individuals interested in pursuing a career in environmental or community planning. The Department strives to offer courses of general interest that are significant and relevant to other liberal arts majors and to social science and science education.


Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science



Track 1: General Geography

Track 2: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Track 3: Urban and Regional Planning

Concentration/Dual Major in Childhood Education

Dual Major with 3-2 Engineering Program

Dual Major with Secondary Social Studies (Certification)

Dual Major with International Studies

Environmental Sciences

(Environmental Planning Concentration)



Geographic Information Systems

Urban and Regional Planning

Requirements for the Major

The Geography Major is designed to expose students to the various paths of intellectual opportunities within the field of geography. The Major consists of three tracks, namely the General Geography Track, the Geographic Information Systems Track, and the Urban and Regional Planning Track. All three tracks are available to students receiving a Bachelor of Science degree but only the General Geography track can be used with the Bachelor of Arts degree. A minimum of 33 s.h. of credit must be completed for the Geography Major, 30 s.h.of which are in geography. The specific requirements for each track are outlined below in the section entitled "Geography Major Requirements."

Requirements for Minors

Geography: this minor is structured for students interested in geography but not able to pursue a geography major. A minimum of 18 s.h. of credit distributed throughout the major areas of geography is required. For detailed requirements for this minor contact the Geography Department.

Geographic Information Systems: this minor is designed for students interested in cartography, remote sensing, and geographic information systems. This minor is available to all students except those who are majoring in Geography under the Cartography and Remote Sensing track. For detailed requirements for this minor contact the Geography Department.

Urban and Regional Planning: this minor is structured for students wishing to know more about concepts and methods used in the fields of community planning and environmental assessment.It is available to all students except those majoring in Geography under the Urban and Regional Planning track. For detailed requirements for this minor contact the Geography Department.

Urban Studies: this interdisciplinary minor provides students with an understanding of the planning and socio-economic policy problems faced by metropolitan areas. For the detailed requirements for this minor contact the Africana and Latino Studies program.

Special Program and Facilities

The Geography Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis, the research and community service arm of the Department, houses modern computer hardware and sophisticated software related to the fields of computerized cartography, satellite-digital remote sensing, and geographic information systems. The Laboratory includes a variety of computer terminals networked to the college mainframe. Software developed and maintained by the Laboratory includes, IDRISI, MapInfo and Surfer, ArcInfo and all ESRI ArcGIS extentions.

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