Intramural and Campus Recreation Office

Within the total concept of opportunity for formal and informal recreational participation, the intramural program provides several opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to interact in a variety of dynamic sport situations. Organized recreational and competitive sports are available for all regardless of skills, physical abilities, or interest. The intramural sports staff also seeks to promote the development of leadership qualities in students. Opportunities for initiating and organizing their own competitive experiences as well as work experiences as student officials and supervisors are considered integral to the student's ongoing educational process. The intramural program is designed to provide the Oneonta State community with the opportunity to engage in a large number and variety of individual, dual, and team sports activities encompassing a wide range of skill levels. Individual and dual sports are offered each semester for students, faculty, and staff and are open to both men and women desiring personal involvement on a non-varsity level. In addition to men's and women's competition, co-recreational activities offer the additional chance to promote and foster camaraderie between men and women within a competitive sports program.