How the enclosure works


- Increase the display size (choose 640x480):

- Take control of the camera:

- Adjust the contrast:

- Move the camera's position:

- Zoom in and out:


SUNY Oneonta Weather Camera


The interface has several controls associated with it. If you click on the Start Control Button (the cross-hairs symbol in the lower right) you can click and drag the yellow box to move the camera's position, or click directly on the image to center the camera's field of view on that location. Zoom in and out by clicking on the grey bar with green tree icons on the right. To zoom in, you can click on any of the horizontal lines in the bar with increasing zoom towards the top or for gradual zoom click on the single tree icon at the top of the zoom control (or the three trees at the bottom for gradual zoom out).

The camera doesn't rotate a full 360 degrees, but the field of view allows for horizon-to-horizon viewing.

SUNY Oneonta Weather:

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