new scholarship expands study abroad opportunities

From touring iconic historical sites in five countries to getting résumé-worthy experience in her field of study, SUNY Oneonta senior Lisa Ceccato made memories last semester she says she’ll never forget.

Ceccato studied at the Foundation for International Education in London through a SUNY Albany program. Each day was a new adventure: Getting off the Tube at a random destination and going exploring. Touring BBC Studios and ITV4 with her British Life class. Ordering an unfamiliar dish at a Middle Eastern restaurant near her South Kensington flat. Standing on top of Hitler’s bunker in Berlin. Capturing the perfect selfie at the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

In addition to taking three classes, Ceccato did a six-week internship at iPeople Services, a human resources firm. As a communications studies major with a minor in public relations, she said the intercultural communication skills she developed will be extremely valuable when she enters the job market.

Ceccato is the second recipient of SUNY Oneonta’s 30th Anniversary College at Oneonta Foundation Scholarship, created in 2012 to expand study abroad opportunities for Oneonta students. Scholarships and Global Connectedness are campaign priorities for Possibilities Full of Promise, the 125th Anniversary Campaign for SUNY Oneonta.

30th Anniversary College at Oneonta Foundation Scholarship recipient Lisa Ceccato looks at photographs from her semester in London.
Photo by Michael Forster Rothbart

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