Future Teacher completes Miles for migrants bike tour

Moved to action by a service-learning project in one of her education classes last year, SUNY Oneonta senior Jami Haynes bicycled from New York to San Francisco over the summer to raise awareness about the challenges migrant workers face.

On May 28, Jami set out on a borrowed touring bike from her home in Central Bridge, NY, accompanied by her younger sister, Jena, and boyfriend, Caleb, and towing a trailer packed to near-bursting with camping gear, Ramen noodles and peanut butter.

Seventy-three days, 3,853 miles and at least 12 flat tires later, Jami and her team had handed out over 1,000 "Miles for Migrants" educational cards and raised more than $4,000 for the Harvest of Hope Foundation and other organizations that support migrant families. The future teacher said the many nice people she met and the lessons she learned from the adventure—patience, confidence and a new desire to live in the moment—changed her perspective profoundly.

"Living on the road, out of a small trailer, is a beautiful thing. We learned so much about what you really need in life, and how easy it is to appreciate that."

Jami Haynes out for a ride near her home in Central Bridge, NY.
Photo by Michael Forster Rothbart

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