Strategic Allocation of Resources (StAR) Proposals


The following proposals, 14 in all, will be reviewed and ranked by the President’s Executive Council (PEC) on February 24, 2015.


Proposal Title Point Person
Using SEP to improve SEB Students' Business Analytic Skills, Leadership Abilities and Entrepreneurship

J Yang
D Yen
I Lokshana
H Zhang

REI (Racial Equity Institute) Training K Joest
Enhancing Experitential Learning in the Bio Sciences J Heilveil
BIEN: Language Immersion Program J Boring
Acquisition of a Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer (SEM/EDS) K Brunstad
Peer Mentorship Program for AALANA Students and Allies M Bonderoff
First-Year Seminar Course T Russo
B Wilkerson
M Grau
Teaching, Learning and Scholarship in the 21st Century: Integrating “Big Data” into Social Science and Humanities courses. B Lowe
Developing computational infrastructure for Astronomy students: Increasing student engagement and developing professional technical skills for data-intenseive field. J Nollenbrug
Renewal of Site Licenses for Bloomberg Terminal B O'Dea
EOP Peer Mentoring for Academic Excellence L Bassette-Farone
Sexuality Peer Education Program E Ruggles
SUNY Student Diversity & Leadership and SUNY Pride Leadership Conferences E Ruggles
M Bonderoff
Seminar Series on Engaged Teaching and Learning G O'Shea
S Zeng