Strategic Allocation of Resources (StAR) Proposals


The following proposals, 40 in all, will be reviewed by the Executive Team on January 14, 2013. There will be an open forum during the spring semester to allow for campus input and awards will be announced on April 8, 2013.


Proposal Title Point Person

A Language Immersion Program

Jo Boring

Acquiring New Computers to Enhance the New Fitzelle Computer Science Labs

Sen Zhang

Acquisition of a High Performance Liquid Chromatograph with Diode Array Detection System

Trudy E. Thomas-Smith

Acquisition of a scanning Electron Microscope with energy dispersive x-ray spectroscope and samples coaters

James R. Ebert

Acquisition of Bloomberg Terminals

Wade Thomas

Assistant Director of Continuing Education and Summer Session

Michelle W. Thibault

Biology Lab Coordinator position

Donna Vogler

Biology on Demand: Tablet-Enhanced BIOL 100 Labs

Nancy Bachman

Career Development Center Keyboard 1

Amy Benedict-Augustine

Cooperstown Graduate Program Community Engagement Assistantship

Gretchen Sullivan Sorin

Creation of a Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Engagement (CETLE)

Bill Wilkerson

Developing a State of the Art Learning Anatomy and Physiology Environment for Human

Keith K. Schillo

Energy Management System

Hannah Morgan

Expansion of the Faculty Research and Creative Activity Grant Program

Kathy Meeker

Experiential Education: Expanding Applied Learning Opportunities for Students and Enhancing Campus and Community Partnerships

Megan Ackley

Faculty International Travel Grant Program

Tracy H. Allen

Graduate Admissions Counselor

Patrick Mente

Graduate Program in Literature and the Environment

Roger Hecht

Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

Geneviève Marchand

Instructional Support Technician

Thomás Sakoulas

Israel Ride for Faculty

Charles R. O’Bryan

Mathematics Placement Exam Proposal

Joshua Palmatier

Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics Department Seminar

James Ruffo

Music Department Artist-in-Residence Program

Julie Licata

Music Department Critical Listening Room

Orlando Legname

Music Instructional Support Technician Position

Orlando Legname

No Borders - Study Abroad at the Arava Institute, Israel

Charles R. O’Bryan

Part-time Support Staff for Music Department Event Coordinator

Julie Licata

Point of Sale System Upgrade for HUEC FOOD Lab

Oscar Oberkircher

Providing Calculators and Mobile Devices (Tablets and Smart Phones) to Enhance Students’ Learning Experience

Jen-Ting Wang

Recycling Program

Hannah Morgan

Regional History of Ancash, Peru

Miguel León

Request for Supplemental Funding for Learning Space Technology Mark English

Solar Panel Installation Project

Hannah Morgan

SUNY Oneonta Artist in Residence 

Thomás Sakoulas

SUNY Oneonta Magnetic Thin Film Research Education Project

Sunil Labroo

Sustainable Infrastructure for the SUNY Oneonta Biological Field Station Upper Research Site

Willard N. Harman

Technology Support Position

Jeanne C. Miller

Transition to Nano: Acquisition of a UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Nancy Bachman

Upgrading Laboratory Laptop Resources for Students in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Jerome Blechman