Strategic Allocation of Resources (StAR)


The Strategic Allocation of Resources (StAR) process engages faculty, staff and students in decisions to allocate resources to meet our strategic priorities. Faculty, staff and students are invited to submit proposals intended to advance the goals and objectives of the College’s Strategic Plan 2015: Scholarship, Service, Strength.

It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between strategic and operational needs. Strategic investments lead to transformative change. Examples include funding for program development, new initiatives, major equipment purchases, and other expenses outside annual organizational budgets (e.g., minor equipment replacement, supplies, consumables, and travel). Permanent positions are not appropriate for StAR proposals. Since StAR’s inception in 2012, 123 proposals have been submitted and $2,454,209 in awards has been granted.

Details about the submission process, proposal format and timelines are attached but can also be found at Proposals not conforming to the format requirements will be returned without being considered.

The President’s Executive Council (PEC) will review all eligible proposals in February 2018. The PEC is comprised of the President’s Cabinet, chairs of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) and Budget Advisory Committee (BAC), deans, presiding officer of the Senate, Student Association president, and others as designated by the President. These individuals are not permitted to submit a proposal or formally endorse a proposal. 

All proposals must align with one or more of the four goals of the Strategic Plan 2015: Scholarship, Service, Strength (

The President’s Cabinet will make final approval of funding to be allocated, and announcements will be made in April as to which proposals are funded.