Strategic Allocation of Resources (StAR)


To achieve the vision for success outlined in the Strategic Plan 2010 (SP2010), we must align our resources with our goals. To do this we implemented the Strategic Allocation of Resources (StAR) model in 2012. The model engages faculty and staff in decisions to allocate resources to our goals. In 2013-14, 38 proposals were submitted. Cabinet committed $334,000 to eight projects. This list can seen at 2014 Awards.

The StAR process allocates new money and will not negatively impact departmental budgets. Departmental budgets are intended to maintain essential operations including travel, minor equipment purchases, maintenance of equipment, and supplies. StAR awards, unlike Departmental budgets, are intended to fund program development, new initiatives, major equipment purchases, new positions, and other non-operational expenses.

For 2014-15, a total of 14 proposals were submitted. These proposals will be reviewed by the President's Executive Council (PEC) on February 24, 2015. This list can be seen at StAR Proposals. Decisions to award funding for a proposal will be based on congruence with the six pillars of the SP2010.

• Teaching, Learning and Scholarship
• Diversity
• Student Engagement
• Community Partnerships
• Global Connectedness
• Sustainability

The PEC will use the criteria listed in the proposal format section to rank proposals. Criteria include funding priorities identified by the PEC that will enhance our efforts to make progress towards the goals of SP2010. The funding priorities are derived directly from and in some cases overlap multiple pillars. All four can be directly tied to the central pillar of teaching, learning and scholarship and can be seen at 2014-15 Funding Priorities.

The final rankings of proposals will be presented to the campus by the BAC, along with a general update on budget conditions. Based on campus feedback, the BAC will make a recommendation to Cabinet of how much new StAR funding is to be released.
The President’s Cabinet will make final approval of funding to be allocated, and announcements will be made in April as to which proposals are funded.

Please email Todd Foreman with any questions: