Strategic Planning Council


Mission: The Strategic Planning Council (SPC) guides and supports long-range,
institutional planning to advance SUNY Oneonta’s mission as a student-centered learning community.

Charge: The SPC, reporting and recommending to the President and in consultation with the campus community, develops, reviews and revises the strategic plan. The SPC solicits feedback from various individuals and constituencies throughout the planning process. The SPC reports progress and proposed changes to the strategic plan to the President’s Cabinet, College Senate and other campus groups. The SPC works closely with the Budget Advisory Committee to ensure that planning and budgeting are integrated processes.

Membership, Selection and Terms:

  • Co-Chairs (teaching faculty member and President’s Cabinet member, both Presidential appointees)
  • Vice-Chair (Presidential appointee)
  • Past-Chair (Presidential appointee)
  • Alumni/Community members (2, Presidential appointees)
  • Budget Advisory Committee Chair
  • College Senate Presiding Officer (ex-officio)
  • Student Association Representative (2, appointed by the Student Association)
  • Chief Enrollment Management Officer (ex-officio)
  • Chief Diversity Officer (ex-officio)
  • Deans Council Representative (ex-officio)
  • Teaching Faculty (2, elected by the College Senate)
  • Professional Faculty/Staff (2, elected by the College Senate)
  • Classified Staff (2, Presidential appointees)

Members typically serve up to two, 2-year terms. Elected members may be renewed for a second term by indicating a willingness to serve an additional term and with the concurrence of the co-chairs. The vice-chair typically serves a two-year term, then a two-year term as chair and a two-year term as past-chair. The vice-chair, co-chair or past-chair may have served on the council in another role.

Revised 9/19/16


Strategic Plan 2015: Scholarship, Service, Strength