Institutional Distinctiveness Task Force:
Strategic Planning and Resource Council

Institutional Distinctiveness Task Force

Establish the criteria and procedures for identifying, developing and assessing the College’s Distinctiveness through open forums and any comments submitted to it by members of the College Community; prepare recommendations and report to SPARC.


  • Dan Payne, Co-Chair; Associate Professor, English, Co-Chair
  • Patty Francis, Co-Chair, Associate Provost for Institutional Assessment & Effectiveness
  • Brian Beitzel, Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology & Counseling
  • Tom Rathbone, Associate Vice President, Facilities
  • Zachary Silver, Junior, Computer Science major
  • Gretchen Sorin, Distinguished Service Professor, History Museum Studies
  • Roger Sullivan, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Donna Vogler, Associate Professor, Biology

Institutional Distinctiveness Final Report (Word document)  (Also available as PDF)

Last Updated: December 11, 2009