Governing Ideas Task Force:
Strategic Planning and Resource Council

Governing Ideas Task Force

Draft the College’s Core Values, Mission (what we are/do), Vision (what we want to be) and Strategic Directions statements (goals and initiatives) based on comments gathered from stakeholders meetings, open forums and any comments submitted to it by members of the College community; prepare final drafts and report to SPARC.


  • Tracy Allen, Co-Chair; Associate Professor, Geography
  • Walter Wagor, Co-Chair, Dean of Behavioral and Applied Science
  • Joshua Frye, Assistant Professor, Communication & Media
  • Sunil Labroo, Physics and Astronomy
  • Jeanne Miller, Associate Vice President for Student Development
  • Kim Muller, Director of Sponsored Programs
  • Ibram Rogers, Assistant Professor, History
  • Danielle Valenchis, Junior, Communication Studies major

Governing Ideas Final Report (Word document)  (Also available as PDF)

Last Updated: February 2, 2010