Core Values--Draft: 11/23/09
Strategic Planning and Resource Council

Summary of "Core Values"
(based on SPARC workshop 8/20/09, Open Forum 9/15/09, Governing Ideas Task Force forums and meetings 9/09-11/09, Open Forum 11/16/09, Writing Committee meetings 11/20/09 & 11/23/09)

Core Values: Fundamental principles that guide the school in accomplishing its mission.  They are not everything we value, but are the significant common values of the school which provide the foundation for all activities.

The following core values are the fundamental principles that guide the College in accomplishing its mission, providing the foundation for all activities.

Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship: Fostering a learning-centered environment that advances knowledge and facilitates collaboration and rigorous scholarship both in and out of the classroom.

Student Engagement: Encouraging active citizenship, service, and learning through curricular and co-curricular opportunities, college-community involvement, and volunteerism; promoting the development of students through support, mentoring, advising, and programming.

Liberal Arts Foundation: Honoring and facilitating the tradition of a well rounded and transformational undergraduate and pre-professional education.

Inclusive Community: Recruiting, welcoming, recognizing, and empowering diverse peoples, cultures, identities, perspectives, and ideas.

Global Connectedness: Promoting the development of global citizens.

Stewardship: Conserving and preserving natural resources by promoting sustainable development; nurturing and developing campus fiscal, social, and physical resources.


The following were also identified in the process as potential core values:

1) Research centered

2) Excellence in all activities

3) Highly selective

4) Writing intensive

5) Rigorous curriculum

6) Conserving, preserving, advancing resources

7) Affordable

8) Rejected the buzz words “sustainability” and “diversity” for more descriptive and realistic descriptors

9) Love

10) Risk taking

11) Community service

12) Personal and professional development

13) Improving the human condition

14) Increasing college student population

15) Job training


Last Updated: November 23, 2009