Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strategic Planning and Resource Council


Strengths and Weaknesses:
The following notes were submitted by our planning consultant, David McFarland, as a result of his meetings with multiple constituencies on September 14-16, 2009, along with this comment: "I did not mention an issue unless it was endorsed by at least two people. The issues are not mine but given to me frequently from the many groups I interviewed."



  • Faculty, students and academic programs
  • Reputation/image
  • Integrity of what we do
  • Buildings and grounds
  • Technology
  • Working environment/collegiality
  • Supportive campus life for students
  • Accreditations
  • Strong alumni
  • Increasing fundraising
  • Sense of pride
  • Learning-centered environment
  • The "Center of Everything"
  • Class size
  • Financially a very good value


  • Organizational structure in some areas such as information technology, academic divisions, community development/advancement, graduate program
  • Resources
  • Student affordability in a time of fiscal stress
  • Racial/ethnic diversity/inclusion – a focus exists, but challenged to implement
  • More efficient technology- restructuring
  • Level of collaboration between units and between the community - do to some degree, but could be much more
  • Very parochial in units, divisions and as a college
  • Interdisciplinary Center of Learning–has much potential but the bureaucracy needs to be repaired and stimulus added.
  • No acceptable place to gather informally for food and conversation
  • Support for graduate education is inadequate and not organized; no dean or unit
  • A general resistance to change
  • Need more support for new faculty including a much more comprehensive orientation.
  • Would like more outside benches and places to sit and talk when the weather is good
  • Little social connection outside of individual departments
  • Lack of identity
  • Perceived lack of transparency
  • No real system for the evaluation of adjuncts
  • Morris Hall is underutilized; could be a gathering place
  • A number of faculty members believe that "academics" takes the back seat.
  • Department chairs not as empowered as they need to be to be fully effective



    Last Updated: September 25, 2009