Strategic Planning and Resource Council


Opportunities for the College and Community:
The following notes were submitted by our planning consultant, David McFarland, as a result of his meetings with multiple constituencies on September 14-16, 2009, along with this comment: "I did not mention an issue unless it was endorsed by at least two people. The issues are not mine but given to me frequently from the many groups I interviewed."


Campus Constituencies:

  • Expanding and strengthening graduate programs
  • Becoming more efficient/effective with technology
  • Expanding racial diversity/inclusion of students and faculty as an umbrella effort for all else that is done
  • Move toward an environmental campus/sustainability (branding)
  • Get alumni and friends more involved in support of the institution
  • Consider creating independent schools of Business and Education
  • Expand on-line education
  • More internal collaboration and interdisciplinary activities
  • Reorganize the academic divisions as a part of a more general reorganization of the College
  • Create an image as "the center of everything" rather than as an isolated institution
  • Create more opportunities for outdoor opportunities like the long sought after hiking trail
  • Science faculty believe the institution is cable of becoming "the campus known for sciences"

    Community Leaders:

  • Reach out to school districts–disciplines; financially strapped–united efforts–cost efficiencies
  • Produce teacher/training prior to classroom
  • Exchange of professors to the high schools into businesses
  • Expand on services–student teaching/classroom opportunities
  • Internships–student credit and company gets resources
  • Capitalize on past efforts–quality education; selfishly expand before uplift others–long-term gain; non-linear growth–focus on strengths
  • Community better off with larger student base – politics keep close to home
  • No control over tuition stifling
  • Train existing non student population
  • Slow growth–Oneonta solid to draw "revenue units"
  • Quality of education–jack up skill set
  • Retool displaced workers in 6 months or less
  • Education and remain local by business and community
  • Add to the Master’s programs
  • Night life? Activities
  • Become increasingly selective in student body
  • Expand geographic area in which we recruit students
  • Help our businesses by preparing competent employees including engineering and health sciences
  • Act as business incubator–allowing/helping small businesses to start
  • Internships with community businesses that are useful to business
  • Students and faculty with expertise at a more sophisticated level than student interns
  • Create more avenues of communication and interaction between community and campus
  • Personal interaction between students and community members
  • Like Colgate, put bookstore downtown
  • Campus be a site for community events–e.g., conferences
  • Enhance opportunities for human services employees
  • Partnerships and community service
  • Expansion of internships
  • Job Corps students being tutored on college campus
  • Gerontology certification program
  • Three-way partnership of Job Corps, SUNY Oneonta, and SUNY Delhi

    Last Updated: September 25, 2009