Strategic Planning and Resource Council


Challenges Ahead:
The following notes were submitted by our planning consultant, David McFarland, as a result of his meetings with multiple constituencies on September 14-16, 2009, along with this comment: "I did not mention an issue unless it was endorsed by at least two people. The issues are not mine but given to me frequently from the many groups I interviewed."


Campus Constituencies:

  • Economy/resources – hiring, paying and supporting faculty among virtually everything else
  • Implementing a plan for increasing diversity/inclusion of faculty, staff and students
  • Rapid growth and use of information technology–costs and the existing structure
  • Need strong enrollment management–should not be adding more students than a program can support
  • Managing current and future space effectively without a facilities master plan
  • Balancing high tech and high touch
  • Retaining highly qualified faculty

    Community Leaders:

  • $$$ New York State’s need for money
  • Having the courage to say no to NYS for the small amount of money and soldiering on
  • Changing value/demand for specialty/technical degrees vs. traditional bachelor degree programs
  • Retirement of faculty and need to replace and purchase those replacements
  • State budget, tuition increases; increasing building endowments; student debt
  • Online colleges and institutions such as Phoenix
  • Expenses of building and dorm renovations and upgrades vs. competition in competing for students
  • Keeping relevant majors
  • Accommodating a culturally diverse student body
  • Retaining a larger portion of SUNY Oneonta graduates
  • Town/student relations and values
  • Tradition: people want to do what they have always done; huge inhibitor
  • Fear of the unknown–"new" is bad because it is challenging
  • Don’t take a chance that might decrease our ratings for the short term, even thought there may be long term benefits
  • Positive night life for young people
  • Recruit and train board members and non-profit CEOs
  • Predict, anticipate what is coming next; do not be afraid to be ahead of the curve.
  • Prevent brain drain through encouraging companies to expand or relocate to our general area
  • Mineral extraction; how will it affect quality of life
  • Enlarge housing and recreation facilities while we enlarge educational facilities; get community to increase quality as college increases
  • For the leveraging of SUNY to be effectively realized, a focus and support for economic development has to occur, concurrent with the investment in our education. Otherwise we will continue to spend more and not realize the benefits as more and more young people leave NY for better economies and lifestyles. The two have to go hand in hand and the weight and clout of SUNY to lobby for this will be needed in Albany for this to occur

    Last Updated: September 25, 2009