Planning Assumptions--Draft: 11/20/09
Strategic Planning and Resource Council

Summary of “Planning Assumptions”
(based on SPARC workshop 8/20/09, SPARC meeting 10/6/09, Open Forum 11/16/09)

Planning Assumptions: What we expect from our environment in the next five years.

In the coming three to five years, the following factors are expected to have significant impacts upon the College:

  • The diversity of the potential applicant pool will increase as the population of NY State becomes more diverse.
  • Attracting academically talented students will be a challenge in the face of increased competition both within and outside of SUNY.
  • State support for operations will decrease.
  • Graduate, international and out-of-state students will represent populations which could be more aggressively recruited.
  • The pool of applicants for full-time faculty positions will diversify and remain strong.
  • Expectations for assessment and accountability will increase.
  • The College’s relationship with the community will become increasingly interdependent.


The following factors were also identified in the process as potentially significant:

  • State support for capital projects will remain stable or increase slightly.
  • Gifts and grants will increase moderately.
  • SUNY flexibility may increase opportunities for entrepreneurial activity.
  • Tuition revenues will either remain stable or increase by the rate of inflation.
  • Demand for on-campus housing will increase slightly.
  • The need for classroom and office space will increase.
  • There will be a greater level of instability and uncertainty.

Last Updated: November 20, 2009