SUNY Oneonta 2017 SEFA Campaign


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Each year SUNY Oneonta participates in the State Employees Federated Appeal SEFA campaign to support a multitude of local, regional, national and international charitable organizations. Last year our campus raised approximately $15,357 through the SEFA/United Way campaign from 73 donors.

If every employee donated $1 a week, which is less than the cost of a cup of coffee,
as a campus we would raise close to $60,000!

Amount Raised

Number of Employees



"I give because giving provides an ongoing reminder that I must do my small part to make our community a better place for all."
-Rob Compton

"I give to invest in the children in our community and their future."
-Aimee Swan

"I give because if I help, in some small way, one person, one charity or a community become better with my donation, I am honored."
-Sherry Wildenstein

"I give because I care about my community."
-Michelle Hendley

"I give because one time I was the one in need. As the child of a single mother, I benefited from many different programs through the years from after school programs and enrichment programs to health clinics and scholarships. It’s my turn to pay it forward."
-Dawn Hamlin

"I give beacuse; it allows me to be a thoughtful donor. I look forward to perusing the SEFA catalog and discovering charities that share my values, it’s the easiest way to support the multiple charities I believe in. Locally, regionally or globally—it all goes on one form, and to support my community, to help people in need near and far, and foster better stewardship of the planet. That’s a lot of bang for a few bucks out of my paycheck."
-Donna Vogler

"I give to support the work of the local charitable organizations that provide essential services and programs for the local community. I can easily direct SEFA to distribute my contribution, made through payroll deduction, and be assured that my gift finds its way to my chosen providers."
-Mary Lynn Bensen

"I give because it is easy to donate on an on-going basis. If we consider the cost of a cup of upscale coffee and a tasty treat, the same amount contributed to the SEFA campaign could make a tremendous difference in someone else’s life. I chose two charities that mean a lot to me. My child benefited from the education and care she received at the SUCO Children’s Center and I am familiar with the work done by Catholic Charities. I encourage everyone to make a difference in the lives of people in our area by participating in the SEFA campaign."
-Barbara Durkin

“I always participate in the SEFA campaign because it is a painless way to support the local programs I value. Since my donation is automatically deducted from my pay, it is a small amount each month so it is pretty painless. I can designate exactly where I want the donations to go and can ignore the begging letters I get knowing that I am already contributing. It is also very helpful to have the donations summary on my last paystub of the month when I am doing taxes, no sweat. All in all it is a win-win opportunity for me and for the programs I choose to support.”
-Mary Ann Dowdell

For more information, contact a member of the 2017 SUNY Oneonta SEFA Campaign Committee:

Faith Tiemann (Center for Multiculural Experiences) x2663

Audrey Porsche (Manager, Foundation and Corporate Programs) x2890

William Vining (Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry Department) x2698

SEFA Agencies List

SEFA Electronic Pledge Form (pre-filled and then print copy)

*Please download this for a fillable electronic form*

SEFA Pledge Form (blank copy to be printed and then filled-in)

Contribution Conversion Chart

Logo Banner 2015

The above logos shows selected regional agencies designated for support by SUNY Oneonta's state employees during previous SEFA campaigns. A complete listing of national, state and local organizations is available on the SEFA website


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