Tax Exempt Status


The State University of New York, College at Oneonta is a nonprofit organization exempt from New York Sales Tax. Any employee traveling on state business within New York Sate is required to supply a tax exempt form where lodging is obtained.

Print the form using this link:
(Adobe acrobat reader is required to view this page.  Click here to obtain a free reader.)

It is important that travelers identify themselves as State employees when making lodging arrangements in order to avoid any unnecessary charges. If this is not done and the hotel does charge sales tax, the traveler will be responsible for this portion of the lodging cost.

The following states offer tax exempt status to the State University of New York:

New Jersey
Rhode Island

We encourage travelers to present the appropriate tax exempt form to hotels in these states. However, if the hotel refuses the form, we will still reimburse sales tax.

For other out of state travel, taxes are not included in the lodging per diem and may be reimbursed.