Receipt Requirements


Travelers are reminded that the submission of fraudulent travel expense claims for reimbursement may be a felony or misdemeanor offense under Articles 175 or 195 of the State Penal Law.

Meal Receipts

Employees seeking reimbursement for breakfast and dinner meals under the receipted method will be required to provide receipts meeting the following criteria

  • Employee must attach the original meal receipt to the travel voucher.
  • All original receipts must document the actual cost. The traveler may not input or alter the dollar amount or any information on the original receipt.
  • In addition, the meal receipt should contain, as a minimum, the following information:

1. Name of the provider (restaurant, etc.) with either full address
or area code and telephone number

2. Date of service

3. Number of persons served

If the receipt provided by the restaurant does not include the above information, the traveler must include this information in an attachment to the receipt.

Lodging Receipts (Method II)

Employees must attach the original lodging receipt to the travel voucher.

The lodging receipt, including a receipt from nontraditional, commercial establishments such as, a campsite, trailer park, etc., must contain the following information:

  1. Name of traveler, or travelers if room is being shared.
  2. Name, address, and telephone number of the lodging establishment.
  3. Room number.
  4. Number of people in the room.
  5. Dates of occupancy.
  6. Rate paid.
  7. Method of payment (cash, check, credit card, or lodging request).
The lodging receipt must always be submitted.

If lodging is shared, the name(s) of the other employee(s) must be included on the voucher and each employee must claim only his/her share of the actual lodging cost. If lodging is shared with a non-employee (i.e., spouse), the employee must document that the rate claimed is the rate for single room occupancy.

Transportation Receipts

Receipts related to transportation generally fall into one of the following categories: common carrier (bus, train, airplane), leased vehicle, gasoline, tolls, taxicab, and parking. Requirements for each type of receipt are detailed below. When a receipt is necessary, it must be the original and must detail the dollar amount, the name and address of the provider and the date.

  • Common Carrier - Ticket receipt (air passenger coupon, Amtrak ticket stub, etc.) as appropriate, detailing type(s) and date(s) of service provided.
  • Gas/Service Station - Receipts must include vehicle plate number, number of gallons purchased, and/or description of items other than gasoline.
  • Tolls - Bridge and highway tolls may be claimed upon presentation of valid receipts. Simply ask the attendant at the toll booth for a receipt. The use of the EZ Pass method of toll payment re-quires that you include the amount of the toll paid, the date, and the location. These can be found on your EZ pass printout and can be submitted in lieu of a toll receipt.
  • Taxicabs - The use of a taxi instead of public transportation must be justified and all receipts must include driver and/or cab ID number. A 15-20% tip to the driver may be claimed, without a receipt, because such a gratuity is an expected part of the fare.
  • Parking - Receipts are required except for metered parking which must be justified. All parking expenses incurred within an employee's official station must be justified.
  • Subway Fare - A receipt is not necessary when the subway is used.