It is expected that SUNY Oneonta travelers will do their best to find lodging within the state per-diem rates. When that isn't feasable, the request for over-the-limit hotel authorization is required BEFORE travel commences.

The Office of the State Comptroller publishes a list of State travel allowances. This listing is available on the U.S. General Services Administration website, and indicates per diem meal and lodging rates by city and county for all locations in New York State, and most locations throughout the United States. Generally, one cannot be reimbursed in excess of these rates.

When using the Receipted Method (Method II), travelers are reimbursed actual lodging expenses up to the US General Service Administration established rate. When a traveler is unable to find a hotel within the maximum GSA lodging per diem rate, the traveler must obtain approval to exceed the GSA rate by submitting a justification prior to travel. Such justification should be submitted to Betty Tirado, Director of Business Services and must show that the lodging situation is unique in some way, and/or that alternate costs, such as transportation to and from a less expensive motel, are equal to or greater than the lodging differential. Typically, such justification is acceptable only in connection with multiple night lodging related to a non-SUNY conference.

When seeking authorization, please email this request to: elizabeth.tirado@oneonta.edu, in the following format:

Dates of travel: 

Hotel Name:
Destination (City, County, State): 
Lodging per-diem allowance: 
Over the lodging per diem request: 

Whenever possible, agency sponsored conferences should be arranged at facilities honoring the federal per diem rates for meals and lodging. When meals and lodging are provided as a part of an agency sponsored conference or event, additional reimbursement is not permitted.