Method II


Receipted lodging and meals

The allowances for lodging and meals under this method have been set at the Federal Government allowances for their employees. The State allowances will change when the Federal allowances change.

Receipts for lodging are mandatory when using Method II. Receipts are not required for meals when the employee is in overnight travel status. Meals become part of the per diem. The per diem allowances are set by county; therefore, the traveler's destination as required on the travel voucher must include the county as well as the city.

The following website is useful for finding counties and zip codes:

The maximum reimbursement for lodging and meal expenses incurred by employees while conducting regular State business may not exceed the lodging and meal allowances for the area of assignment.

If the cost of lodging exceeds the maximum allowance for lodging in the area of assignment, the employee's meal allowance must be used to offset the higher lodging rate or a justification can be submitted by the traveler for review and approval by the Manager of Accounts Payable.


For travel in NYS, employees should use the tax exemption certificate (ST-129) available in the Accounts Payable Office. For the city of Syracuse only, a City Fee added to the hotel bill may be reimbursed as it is not considered a tax. For out of state travel, taxes are not included in the maximum lodging amount, and may be reimbursed.