Hertz Procedure

(updated 07/11/2018)

For Direct Bill transactions:

Hertz has requested that we solely use email to make direct bill reservations. Please email to HertzOneonta@aaanortheast.com . (Do not use their website or phone)

Please include the following in the email:

1. Tell them it will be direct billed to SUNY Oneonta.

2. Name of Renter

3. Dates and times of reservation

4. Size of car needed

5. Reiterate that the rental is for business and that we are tax exempt

6. Does the vehicle need to be dropped on campus? (Only available to Gold member or direct bill clients)

Please note that if the car is being dropped on campus, as a direct bill, the Driver’s License is required every time. Fax to 607-386-4326.         

Hertz has committed to replying to every reservation email, so you can be assured your reservation has been received.

  • If the car is to be delivered to campus, we must receive the requisition in our office at least 3 business days before the rental. Rentals made later than 3 days prior are not eligible for drop-off service. The renter will need to pick-up their vehicle at Hertz.

For NYS Travelcard Cardholders and Goldcard Members:

Travelcard / Goldcard cardholders are welcome to make their reservations online and email the request for a campus drop-off to HertzOneonta@aaanortheast.com. Please include the confirmation number along with the renter's name, and the request for campus drop-off still needs to be received, by Hertz, 3 business days before the rental begins.




  • Review the paperwork and check the gas level before beginning trip. Please note any irregularities between the folio and the actual vehicle.           
  • DO NOT use the EZ Pass that is in the car, and ensure it is pressed tightly into its box on the windshield.
  • Fill the car with gas before returning
  • Always return the vehicle to the same location at which it was picked-up. Morris to Morris or Hertz to Hertz.
  • If the car is being returned to Morris Conference Center, the renter must:
    • Call Hertz immediately upon return to let them know the car has been returned. Please leave a message on voice mail if no one picks up.
    • Fill out the rental folio with the mileage including the time and date of return
    • Drop completed folio and keys in the box at Morris, the car is left in the banana lot, where it was picked-up.