Foreign Travel


Currency Conversion

Travel to any foreign country involving foreign currency should be converted to U.S. dollars on the travel voucher. This job is the responsibility of the traveler. The local banks and the internet can provide the conversion rate for the dates of travel. Please indicate on a separate sheet, the conversion rate used for each date and attach this form to the travel voucher.

Website for currency conversion:

Per Diem Rates

Per diem rates for foreign countries can be accessed at the following website:

The foreign travel rates provide for lodging costs up to a maximum amount, and an allowance for meals and incidental expenses. If a traveler is not entitled to the full meal per diem, the allowance is divided into 80% for dinner and 20% for breakfast.

Incidental Expenses

Expenses directly related to lodging and meals are included in the per diem allowance and are not reimbursed. However, some expenses unique to foreign travel may be reimbursed.

Examples of some of these expenses include:

  1. Visa fees
  2. Cost to convert currency
  3. Laundry charges for extended stays
  4. Departure taxes