Before the Trip


When an employee has decided to go on a trip he/she must fill out a TRA form (Request to be Absent and Travel Application). These forms need to be completely filled out and can be obtained from the Print Shop's storefront at no cost to the department. Refer to instructions on the reverse side of the Travel Reimbursement Application for routing of form. Travel in the Academic area requires a Dean's signature.

Anticipated expenditures will be encumbered according to the listed account information. The form is then separated and the white copy is kept in the Procurement and Travel Office, waiting to be matched up with the future travel voucher. The yellow copy is returned to the department.

If a rental vehicle has been reserved and is being direct billed to the College, the traveler must fill out a purchase requisition that includes the rental confirmation number and submit this form prior to the trip. This information is then sent on to the rental agency authorizing the rental on the College's behalf and billing the college directly.

If a travel reimbursement application is handed in and the traveler does not go on the trip, or decides he/she does not want to be reimbursed, please notify the Procurement and Travel Office so that they can disencumber the money set aside for this trip. It is also important that the traveler contact the rental agency and the Procurement and Travel Office to notify them of any cancellation. In the case of the rental car agency, this should be done prior to the trip so that we are not billed for reserving the vehicle.