Air Travel Procedures


Procedures for Booking Airline Tickets

(The direct bill method of paying for airfare has been discontinued by New York State as of August 6, 2013)

If it is a financial hardship, airfare can be reimbursed prior to travel. (If the trip is canceled, the funds must be returned) Otherwise, the receipt should be included in the Travel Voucher packet for reimbursement after the trip.

Purchasing airfare with personal funds for reimbursement:

Also please note: The state will not pay for any extra services, such as seats, upgrades, priority boarding, more than one piece of checked luggage on domestic flights, and 2 on international flights.

    1. A “Request to be Absent and Travel Reimbursement Application” (TRA) is completely filled out by the traveler, including estimated expenses. State Contract Travel agents are still welcome to be used.
    2. The traveler then submits the completed (TRA) to one's supervisor and/or Account Manager, Dean and Provost, if necessary.
    3. Once approved, the TRA is routed back to the traveler.
    4. Traveler purchases airfare using personal funds such as a credit and/or debit card.

    For reimbursement after travel:

    1. Traveler submits the TRA with a copy of the itinerary to the Procurement and Travel office.
    2. TRA funding is encumbered and the copies are routed to the appropriate individuals and offices.

    For reimbursement prior to travel:

    1. Traveler submits a signed Reimbursement Purchase Requisition, a copy of the signed TRA and the receipt to the Procurement and Travel office. Please be sure the funding for the airfare is NOT included on the TRA.
    2. Boarding passes and E-ticket will be attached to the Travel Voucher packet.
    3. If the traveler canceles the trip, they must return the funds they were reimbursed.


In approving travel requests, the following decision rules should apply:

  • If the airline ticket needs to be changed or canceled for any reason, the traveler must notify the travel agent.
  • In the event a trip is cancelled, any costs of airfare paid reimbursed to the traveller in advance of the trip will still be charged to the appropriate departmental account, until it can be retrieved from the traveler.

For more information contact Terri Thomas @ 2555 or Cindy Meres @ 3388

Authorized State Contract Travel Agencies:

Advantage Travel
18 Green Street
Albany, NY 12207
(518) 426-0052 Phone
(888) 444-4240 Toll Free
(518) 426-0484 Fax

Any agent can assist you.


The Travel Team
2495 Main Street, Suite 340
Buffalo, New York  14214
(716) 332-6582 Phone
(800) 633-6782 Toll Free
(716) 691-4529 Fax

Contact person: Liz Augustine

Carlson Wagonlit/Albany Travel
30 Corporate Drive
Clifton Park, NY 12065
(518) 292-9020 Phone
(800) 774-0655 Toll Free
(518) 292-9090 Fax

Any agent can assist you.