Air Travel Policies


Travelers should obtain approval prior to the purchase of airfare, or any travel expense, by filling out a TRA and having it signed by their supervisor.

Travelers should purchase airfare using personal funds, such as a credit and/or debit card, and receive reimbursement, as described on the next page....

Also please note: The state will not pay for any extra services, such as seats, upgrades, priority boarding, more than one piece of checked luggage on domestic flights, and 2 on international flights.

These procedures apply to travel by State employees on State-funded College business. Travel by candidates and guest speakers is not affected by this change. State travel includes reimbursement from regular departmental accounts, IFR (Income Fund Reimbursable) accounts, DIFR (Dormitory Income Fund Reimbursable), SUTRA (State University Tuition Reimbursement Account), and all Sate-sponsored professional development funds (e.g. UUP (United University Professionals)), Development awards, Drescher awards, etc). Airfare reimbursed by non-state funds, Research Foundation, College Foundation, or OAS, is not covered by these procedures, and will continue to be reimbursed as present.

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