Travel Manual

New York State policy requires that the least expensive mode of transportation be utilized for University-related travel. Travelers may opt to use a personal vehicle, common carrier or rental vehicle, but are responsible to compare costs.

Travel Forms Folder - Printable .pdfs

Before the Trip

After the Trip

Air Travel Policy and Procedures

Car Rentals

Accident Protocol - Hertz

Overnight Travel

Over the Limit Hotel Authorizations

Non-Overnight Travel
(includes un-receipted meal amounts)

Foreign Travel - Additional Information

Export Control Survey - ALL Foreign Travel

Per Diem Allowance Look-Up

Meal Allowance Breakdown

Receipt Requirements

Mileage Rates

Tax Exempt Status and form ST-129

Telephone and Other Communication Services

Tipping and Gratuities

Travel in Proximity of Official Station or Home

Candidates and Non-Employee Travel

Moving Expenses

Useful sites and Items:

Currency Converter


Frequently Asked Questions & Helpful Hints

Lithium Batteries - DOT Regulations

Passport Requirements

Travel Manual Companion updated December 2017