From President Kleniewski
To All Faculty and Staff
                                                   Dr. Kleniewski

September 17, 2010    

During the 2009-10 academic year, our campus community, led by the Strategic Planning and Resource Council, developed the new Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan that will guide our efforts for the next several years.  As we announced last spring, the initial SPARC will be replaced by an ongoing, smaller, Strategic Planning Council that will monitor the implementation of the plan. The strategic plan is not meant to sit on a shelf but to be a living, useful document. To accomplish that goal, we will need to receive regular feedback and guidance from the entire campus community. The Strategic Planning Council is the vehicle for collecting that feedback from the campus.

The Strategic Planning Council will include both appointed and elected members of the faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community. Its purpose is to conduct an ongoing review and evaluation of the college’s strategic plan. The SPC will solicit broad feedback regarding the strategic plan on a regular basis from various campus constituencies, including the College Senate, the Council of Department Chairs, the Student Association, and other groups. The SPC will consider the priorities established within the strategic plan, the implementation process for the plan, the assessment of the plan’s outcomes, and recommendations regarding changes to the plan. It will meet twice a semester with the President’s Cabinet and hold as many other meetings as it deems necessary to accomplish its mission.  

The initial appointed members (for one-year terms, except as noted) will be

  • Chair:  Dr. Cynthia Lassonde, Education
  • Vice Chair: Dr. Daniel Payne, English
  • Past Chair: Dr. Lawrence Guzy, Psychology
  • Alumni/Community Representative: Dr. Kenneth Kellerhouse
  • Student Representatives (appointed by the Student Association): 
    Ms. Amanda Barone (2010-2012) and Ms. Britany Borko (2010-2011)
  • 2-4 additional faculty/staff TBA

Ex-officio members will be

  • Presiding Officer of the College Senate: Dr. Renee Walker, Anthropology
  • Associate Provost for Planning and Assessment: Dr. Patricia Francis
  • Director of Communications: Mr. Hal Legg

The elected members will be

  • Two members of the teaching faculty
  • Two members of the administrative/professional staff
  • Two members of the classified staff

In the first year, two members from each group will be elected--one for a two-year term and one for a one-year term. In subsequent years, one member per group will be elected and serve a two-year term, thereby providing for rotation of membership. In the near future, the Business Committee of the College Senate will conduct elections to choose the elected members of the faculty and administrative/professional staff, and the Office of Institutional Research will conduct an election to choose the elected members of the classified staff.  

Thank you for your participation in the planning process last year, and I hope that you will continue to provide input into the implementation of the plan.  I look forward to working with you as we shape the future of our college through this important process. 


Nancy Kleniewski


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September 17, 2010