From President Kleniewski
To All Faculty and Staff
                                                   Dr. Kleniewski

December 1, 2009   

I am writing to update you on developments in our 2009-2010 budget. The recent mid-year reduction in the SUNY budget has resulted in a reduction of $952,800 in current-year funding to the College, which we have addressed through a number of measures. To uphold the high-quality of teaching and learning that is central to our mission and our identity, we will continue several cost-saving actions in preparation for the 2010-2011 fiscal year:

> Travel limitations: Travel will be limited to essential travel in support of the mission and operation of the College.

> Conservation of heating fuel: The temperature in our academic, residential, and service buildings will be lowered, whenever appropriate, to conserve fuel.

> Increased sustainability efforts: We will continue to seek ways to conserve resources, and we welcome your suggestions.

> Maintenance of vacant lines: We will continue to assess vacant lines as they become available.

On Monday, December 7, I will address the mid-year budget reduction at the College Senate meeting at 3 p.m. in the Waterfront Café of the Hunt College Union. I encourage all members of the campus community to attend the meeting and participate in the discussion. As we continue to face budgetary challenges, we must remain fiscally responsible and committed to doing our best with the resources that we have available.

With the spirit and commitment of our campus community, I am confident that we can meet this challenge and continue providing our students the high-quality educational experience that has become the hallmark of SUNY Oneonta.


Nancy Kleniewski, President



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December 2, 2009