From President Kleniewski
To the Campus Community
                                                   Dr. Kleniewski


April 15, 2010 

Since the beginning of the 2008-09 fiscal year, state tax support for SUNY Oneonta has been reduced by a total of $11 million. When tuition increases are factored in, the net impact to our budget has been a reduction of $6.2 million. 

To date, the College has absorbed this $6.2 million loss through a combination of reducing spending and tapping alternative sources of revenues. These actions include the following steps:


  • Freezing of 28 FTE positions (12 faculty positions and 16 non-instructional positions). 

  • Salary savings achieved by filling vacancies with new faculty or staff at salaries lower than those of the previous incumbents.

  • College-wide reductions in discretionary spending.

  • Selective reductions in temporary-service and overtime spending.

  • Drawing on savings (one-time and recurring reserves).

  • Shifting expenditures from the core operating budget (state tax support and tuition revenue) to other College funds, including income funds (IFRs), OAS funds, and Research Foundation overhead funds.

  • Planning for a modest increase in enrollment for 2010-11 (45 FTE students), which will increase our revenues from tuition and fees while maintaining quality.

Our guiding principle throughout this process, and in every budgetary challenge, remains the same: to uphold the high-quality teaching and learning that is central to our College’s mission and identity.  We have thus far weathered the reductions in state support without a serious detrimental impact on the College’s programs and services. 

While we face the future with confidence, the outlook for state support during the next two to three years is not encouraging. State support constitutes a third of our core operating budget of nearly $50 million, so any future reductions will be a significant concern. 

As we progress in our planning, we must consider carefully the potential for future reductions in state funding.  We will work together to balance our strategic priorities with the need for potential additional savings in the future.  I welcome your participation in the process, and I appreciate your continuing commitment to our students and our College.


Nancy Kleniewski

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April 15, 2010