From President Kleniewski
To All Faculty and Staff
                                                   Dr. Kleniewski

March 25, 2011    

In January I appointed the Information Technology Support Work Group to investigate the potential benefits of modifying the college’s IT organizational structure. During the past several weeks, the Work Group—composed of members of the faculty, administration, and several other stakeholders—conducted online surveys, interviewed individuals with particular connections to IT functions, and consulted both the Senate Committee on Technology and the Educational Technology Committee.

Earlier this week, Dr. Bill Vining, convener of the Work Group, presented its findings to Cabinet. The report is attached for your information. I would like to point out three significant aspects of it.

First, I’m happy to share that the current level of satisfaction with IT is high. Regardless of job function, users across campus are pleased with the ability of our technology services operation to help them solve problems.

Next, the Work Group recommended three key changes: first, that academic and administrative IT functions, which currently exist in separate organizational entities, should be combined into one area providing all IT support; second, that a single administrator should oversee this new area; and third, that this administrator should report to the vice president of finance and administration. Cabinet endorses these recommendations and soon will begin determining how to put each in place.

While the Work Group completed its charge by conducting a thorough and thoughtful investigation, there will be opportunities for Cabinet to receive additional input regarding implementation as we transition to a unified IT structure.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the Work Group was impressed by interviewees’ and survey respondents’ engagement in their task. They appreciated the constructive critique and suggestions for potential improvements that were offered. Such openness to change will be a tremendous asset as we plot our path forward. Please offer any ideas that you have to Vice President for Finance and Administration Todd Foreman at

The care the Work Group members took both in conducting their research and analyzing the results is commendable. I extend my thanks to them for a job well done.

View the 2011 SUNY Oneonta IT Services Report


Nancy Kleniewski

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March 25, 2011