From President Kleniewski
To All Faculty and Staff
                                                   Dr. Kleniewski

January 20, 2011    

Since last fall I’ve shared updates frequently about the college’s efforts to meet this year’s budgetary challenges. The state’s early retirement incentive and the college’s vacancy review process, for example, both have generated substantial savings and helped us to stay true to our mission while remaining on the right course financially.

We also are implementing our strategic plan, one objective of which is to maintain and enhance information technology resources. In pursuit of this objective, last week I appointed a work group to assess the way we provide information technology support and report to Cabinet the potential impact of changes in this area. Currently two of the college’s divisions include IT support functions, each of which operates somewhat independently of the other. The Information Technology Support Work Group will investigate whether modifying this organizational structure would be beneficial. The group also might consider the idea of IT realignment under an administrative position, such as a chief information or technology officer, and think about the urgency of any change that may be proposed.

The Information Technology Support Work Group is:

  • Sue Clemons, Director of Student Accounts
  • Dr. Wendy Mitteager, Assistant Professor of Geography
  • Roger Sullivan, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Dr. Bill Vining, Associate Professor Chemistry and BioChemistry (convener)
  • Dr. Barry Warren, Associate Vice President for Development

During the course of its work, I expect the group will involve stakeholders across campus, such as:

  • Selected IT staff members
  • Banner Steering Committee
  • Educational Technology Committee
  • College Senate Sub-Committee on Technology
  • Committee on Administrative Review

Please join me in wishing the members of the IT Support Work Group well as they look at our options in this area, which impacts virtually everyone at the college. Thank you for your continued support as we continue moving forward.


Nancy Kleniewski

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January 20, 2011