Fifth Annual SUNY Oneonta Undergraduate
Political Science Conference

March 15, 2013

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You may have never presented a paper at a conference previously, and you may be
nervous, but most people who present are nervous also. So try to relax and try to relate
to the other people by talking about something you have research well. Remember to
present your paper, as a presentation read from a paper does not stimulate thought or
promote discussion as well. Think of your own experience of presentations and recall
which were exciting and which ones seemed cut and dry.

• You have 18-20 minutes to speak about your paper. Please stick to this time
limit in order to respect other presenters, so all will have plenty of time to speak.

•Power point is available for your use, but not required

• You are welcome—encouraged, even—to make changes and further develop
your paper, as long as nothing major (ie. The topic) changes

Practice your presentation in advance. Be sure that your presentation will be within the
time restraints. You may have to omit portions of your paper, but this should not to be of
detriment to the integrity of your topic. It never hurt anyone to practice a presentation.
If possible, give the presentation to a group of friends, a professor, or a tape recorder!
Feedback may prove constructive.

After your Presentation:
Each paper has been assigned a Discussant from our club or department; they are all
students. They have read your paper and will go up after you present to recap the main
points and ask a few questions. They will then facilitate discussion, in a Q&A format,
with the audience. If you would like to communicate with your discussion chair, please
let me know and I will give you their contact information.


How many people are usually there?
Attendance varies, especially depending on the time of day. We generally have about 20-
25 people at each presentation, but the range has been from 10-50 depending on topic and
time of day.

Where does the conference take place?
It takes place on the SUNY Oneonta Campus, at Hunt Union.

How should I dress?
You should dress professionally. A suit is not required, but is certainly not discouraged.
Please wear something professional that you are comfortable in.

Are there awards?
To Be Announced