Fifth Annual SUNY Oneonta Undergraduate
Political Science Conference

March 15, 2013

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An important part of Political Science is dialogue and discussion.  We encourage this throughout the conference and hope that discussion lasts far beyond the conference.

After participants have completed their presentations, we allow for a period of discussion.  Discussants serve to bridge the gap between the presentation and subsequent discussion.  Each discussant will have 3 minutes to ask questions of the presenter or highlight important aspects of the presentation.

Discussants will have access to the paper for review at least two
weeks prior to the conference.

A working copy of the schedule, along with the abstracts of the accepted papers will be posted on the conference website.  Should you be interested in serving as a discussant, e-mail and be sure to include the following:

      Information concerning your academic background (school, major, year of study, courses pertaining to Political Science,
      Ordered list of what papers you would like to discuss,
      Contact information (e-mail, phone, address)

Specific Guidelines

Make sure to read and review the paper prior to the conference. Discuss the ideas and content of the paper with your academic peers, or professors.  If you are unsure about any aspect or source of the paper, make sure to obtain this knowledge prior to the conference. Note important themes and concepts.  Compare the paper to other papers of similar nature that you may have read pertaining to Political Science.  Develop questions, if necessary, and have a sense of what you may want to highlight during your portion of time after the presentation.

Make sure to practice.  Seems simple, but if you are unsure of the rhythm and speed of you presentation, then you may be prone to speak too long, or too quickly.

Do not forget to arrive at least a few minutes before your session. As a courtesy to the other speakers, you are expected to be present for and participate in the entire session to which you have been assigned.

You will be given 3 minutes to discuss and present your views.  You may disagree with the presenter, but do not forget to be courteous. Remember, you are there to help foster an intellectually stimulating discussion.