Mission, Vision, & Strategic Plan 2010

Established in 1889 as a state normal school with the sole mission of training teachers, the SUNY College at Oneonta was a founding member of the State University of New York system in 1948. Today, SUNY Oneonta is a multi-purpose comprehensive public college with programs in the liberal arts, sciences, social sciences, and professional studies. The College is known for outstanding and accessible faculty, a campus community committed to academics and service, developing students into life-long learners, and a beautiful campus that helps nurture connections between the upper Susquehanna Valley of rural central New York and our global society.

Our core values provide the foundation for all that the College does:

  • Excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship
  • Student engagement
  • A liberal arts foundation
  • An inclusive community
  • Global connectedness
  • Stewardship

Our College is distinguished by the following attributes:

  • A reputation as an excellent academic institution with a strong commitment to teaching and learning
  • High levels of participation, involvement, and engagement on the part of students
  • High level of participation in service by faculty, students, and staff
  • An environment with distinctly positive physical and psychological characteristics


The SUNY College at Oneonta unites excellence in teaching, scholarship, civic engagement, and stewardship to create a student-centered learning community.


Our College strives to be a leader in

  • Teaching with distinction and innovation through diverse academic programs grounded in the liberal arts and enhanced by technology, scholarship, and service;
  • Engaging students in exceptional learning experiences, within and beyond the classroom;
  • Nurturing the development of individuals who contribute to local and global communities;
  • Building an increasingly diverse, welcoming, and inclusive campus community; and
  • Operating sustainably for the well-being of our College, community, and planet.


Strategic Plan 2010

To support its mission and achieve its vision, the College will pursue the following goals in the next three-to-five years. Each goal will be implemented through a variety of initiatives, some of which are illustrated below.

Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship
Goal: Promote a learning-centered environment that facilitates excellence in teaching, research, and creative activity.

  • Explore the need for and establishment of a center that enhances and supports the campus culture of teaching, learning, research, and scholarship.
  • Expand applied learning opportunities such as service learning, faculty-sponsored student research, and international study.
  • Recast the Honors Program to attract and retain academically talented students.

Student Engagement
Goal: Engage students as active participants in their cognitive, personal, and professional growth by promoting opportunities with articulated learning outcomes.

  • Provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to enhance use of educational practices associated with high levels of learning and development.
  • Design activities to enhance advising and mentoring programs.
  • Increase participation of students in civic, service, leadership, and stewardship activities.

Global Connectedness
Goal: Promote increased cultural understanding, immersion, and inclusion by enhancing opportunities for greater interaction in the global arena.

  • Enhance coordination of global educational activities for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Expand service-learning, internships, and scholarship opportunities in other countries and with international organizations by engaging and supporting faculty and staff.
  • Develop incentives and recognition systems to encourage student engagement in global, international, and study-abroad programs.
  • Increase opportunities to study foreign languages and cultures.

Goal: Demonstrate a strong and public commitment to a diverse and inclusive campus community by continuing to implement the Strategic Action Plan on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. The following objectives are intended to supplement the goals of the 2008 Strategic Action Plan on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

  • Increase recruitment of underrepresented students by building recruiting networks where they reside with the aim of having the College’s student population reflect the diverse population of New York State.
  • Promote interdisciplinary conversations to address the relative absence of AALANA and other underrepresented faculty, and develop support and incentives for academic departments to facilitate their hiring of AALANA and other underrepresented faculty.
  • Establish a demonstrative and bold campaign each semester to inform members of the campus community about the policies and judicial procedures for perpetrators of discrimination, harassment, and bullying in order to promote accountability for a safe and welcoming campus environment.
  • Enhance coordination of initiatives, offices, and programs charged with diversity and inclusion-related work.

Community Partnership
Goal: Create and enhance partnerships that are mutually beneficial to the campus and community.

  • Develop training and certification programs in partnership with local non-profit and for-profit organizations.
  • Increase coordination of College services with community needs, and community services with College needs.
  • Develop additional experiential learning opportunities with external partners, including internships and service-learning projects.
  • Enhance the engagement of alumni and friends of the College in mutually beneficial endeavors.

Goal: Promote individual and collective responsibility for the continued well-being of the College, community, and environment by encouraging educational initiatives, environmental protections, and fiscal responsibility.

  • Coordinate campus-wide stewardship and sustainability priorities in the College’s educational programs, management, and operational functions.
  • Develop sustainability initiatives for the campus in coordination with local, regional, and SUNY systems, reinvesting a portion of the resulting savings into new or existing initiatives.
  • Steer campus planning and resource management to promote the effective use of the College’s resources.
  • Maintain and enhance the College’s infrastructure, including its facilities and grounds, instructional services, and information technology resources, to support sustainability.

Developed by the Strategic Planning and Resource Council, 2009-2010;
endorsed by the College Senate, April 2010.

Mission, Vision, & Strategic Plan