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A new campus model for purchasing office supplies has gone into effect.  Rather than ordering most items from the Supply Room, departments are able to order directly from the SUNY contract vendor for office supplies, Office Max, which has partnered with S&B, an MWBE vendor that most departments are currently familiar with.  A wide variety of items are available through OfficeMax/S&B and supplies are received the following business day after the order is placed. Also from this site, you can now order from NYSPSP and NYSID, preferred source vendors.

Many other SUNY campuses have successfully adopted this model for the purchase of office supplies.  Direct, online ordering results in savings and efficiencies in terms of inventory reduction, outdated inventory, staffing, and space utilization.  A campus pilot involving seven departments was conducted during the Fall 2014 semester and the overall results were positive.  Participating departments were pleased with the ordering process, pricing, timely receipt of orders, and customer service provided by the vendor.

Everyone who orders supplies for their department is encouraged to register as a new user at the Office Max/S&B website and may begin using the site for online office supply purchases.    Both P-card and non-P-card users will be able to place orders through website. Please use the link below to register.

How to Register for SUNY Online Ordering for Office Supplies

SUNY Online Office Supply Website

REGISTER FOR SUNY Online Office Supply Ordering

Click here for printable version of instructions.

Please follow the steps below to register.  If you do not have a PCard, when you submit your orders on their site, it will automatically go to Donna Toombs for approval.  She cannot approve any orders without a paper copy of the Purchase Requisition.  Please indicate on that purchase requisition that the order was submitted, include the order number and print off a copy of your order to attach to the purchase requisition.

To register as a new user, click here.

Enter all information required, select Yes to #17 and use your 4-digit phone extension as the cost center.  If you are NOT a Pcard holder Donna Toombs will automatically be your approver, but please put her information in for #18. 

If you are a PCard holder, you will need to contact Betty from S&B, 518-877-9500, after you receive a confirmation e-mail to give her your credit card number to attach to your account.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your log in and website information when you are all set up.  This will not happen right away.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kassie at ext 3354 or S&B at 518-877-9500.