Mail Services and Central Receiving


Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7:30am-3:30pm

Phone Number: 436-3350

Fax Number: 436-2370

Manager: Katherine Nelligan

Office Assistant 2: Andy Carr

Office Assistant 1: Thomas Barnes

Office Assistant 1: Barbara Tilley

Current Services Provided:

  • Pickup and delivery to academic buildings and residence halls daily
  • Processing College mail requiring postage - this includes sealing envelopes as postage is applied
  • Bulk and other than First class mail processing
  • Intra campus mail
  • Business Reply Mail
  • Special Handling-certified, return receipt, registered, insured etc.
  • Overnight Mailing Services
  • Sealing envelopes that do not require postage
  • Package Delivery, both incoming and outgoing

Address for College Mail:

To insure prompt delivery of mail the following address format should be used. Please be sure the return address on envelopes and letterhead contain the correct address. It is important that zip plus four is used as indicated below. For student mail address information please click on the Student Mail tab on the left.

Department Name/Building Name
SUNY Oneonta**
P O Box 4015
Oneonta, NY 13820-4015

Admissions Office:
SUNY Oneonta**
P O Box 4016
Oneonta, NY 13820-4016

*Name is optional
**SUNY Oneonta may be spelled out as State University College at Oneonta

Mail and Package Pick up and Delivery Schedule:

  • Mail Services picks up the mail from the Post Office at 9:20 a.m.
  • Mail from the Post Office is ready for pick up from the college mailroom in 118B Service Building at 10:30 a.m.
  • Delivery of U. S. Mail and Intra Campus Mail to Academic Buildings begins between 10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
  • Intra campus is ready for pick up from Mail Services in 118B Service Building at 1:30 p.m.
  • All U.S. Mail must be in the college mailroom by 3:00 p.m. for processing.
  • All U.S. Mail leaves the College at 3:10 p.m.
  • UPS, FedEx and USPS Packages arrive at Central Receiving by 12:45 p.m. and are delivered to Academic Buildings from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Incoming Mail and Packages:

All mail received by Mail Services, including mail received through the U.S. Postal Service, over night services and intra campus mail is distributed to the mailroom or designated area in each building during the next scheduled delivery.

Outgoing Mail and Packages:

All outgoing mail is picked up from the mailroom in each building, or designated area in each building, once per day during the mail delivery run, and mailed before the close of business for that day. All outgoing campus mail must have appropriate account number place in upper left hand corner.

Intra Campus Mail:

Per the College Intra Campus Mail Policy, Intra campus mail is to be used only by College employees and students for College purposes. Intra campus mail destined anywhere on the Oneonta campus does not require postage. All intra campus mail should be in the "brown" intra campus envelopes, available from the mailroom in two sizes at no charge.

Intra campus mailings that are not in the intra campus envelopes must have a return address.

Intra campus mailings from non-College affiliated entities will not be delivered by Mail Services without written authorization from the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Approved mailings must have a return address.

Large mailings to Residence Halls should be banded separately by Residence Hall.

Mass Intra Campus Distributions: contact Mail Services for specific instructions for "all faculty", "all faculty and staff" and "student" mailings.

Mail Not Requiring Postage:

As a convenience Mail Services will process properly stamped and sealed personal mail weighing less than 13 ounces and assures delivery to the Post Office. U. S. Postal regulations require personal mail weighing 13 ounces or more be delivered to the Post Office by the sender.

Mail Requiring Postage:

All other mail sent through the U.S. Postal Service requires postage be affixed and have a return address. Bundle such mail with the addresses all-facing in the same direction, separating envelopes by size. Be sure your account number is clearly visible on each piece of mail. Mail without an account number may be delayed or returned. If the envelopes need to be sealed please lay the envelopes flat with the flap open. Please separate intra campus mail from off campus mail.

Bulk and Other than First Class Mail:

Contact Mail Services with questions regarding mailing options and specifications. Be sure your account number is clearly visible on each piece of mail. Mail without an account number may be delayed or returned. The Shipping Room is the College contract provider for bulk mailings.

International Mail and Packages:

Mail going out of the country should be placed on top of the banded bundles or banded separately for large mailings. Make sure the address is written in English and the country is in the address. Customs Form are NOT needed for Documents only. Customs can be found online following these instructions.

Click here to review the UPS International How-to Guide.

Business Reply Mail:

U.S. Postal Service regulations are very strict for Business Reply Mail and require an authorization prior to mailing. Contact Mail Services for instructions.

Special Handling:

Certified, return receipt, registered, insured etc, mail requires special handling. Contact Mail Services for forms and instructions.

Overnight Services:

The New York State Contract for overnight services includes UPS and Federal Express. We recommend UPS for domestic overnight services which includes a discount. Federal express rates are lower for international services.

Guaranteed overnight service is limited from our area. If your mail must be at its destination the next day, call the carrier directly to determine if they guarantee delivery for that zone.

ALL overnight packages must be processed through Mail Services.

For your convenience there is a UPS drop box located by the Service Entrance of the Netzer Administration Building. The drop box should only be used when Mail Services is closed. If you use the UPS drop box, please send the "top" copy of the UPS overnight form to the College Mailroom. UPS picks up from the drop box at 5:00pm on business days. Account number must be clearly written in "Billing Reference Number" block.

Supplies, including mailing labels preprinted with the College account number, can be obtained from Mail Services. Fill in the mailing label completely, including your account number in the "Billing Reference Number" block, make sure it is signed if a signature is required. Do not remove any part of the mailing label. The top copy will be forwarded to Purchasing by Mail Services for verification and billing purposes.

Contact Mail Services for overnight service rates.

Print off the Printer Friendly version of The Mailing Cheat Sheet.