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Middle States Reaccreditation

From Spring 2011 through Spring 2013, SUNY Oneonta participated in an extremely important undertaking: development and implementation of an institutional self-study that ultimately would determine its reaccreditation status by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). This process, which takes place every ten years, offered the College an ideal opportunity to review and evaluate in comprehensive fashion its educational, co-curricular, and administrative programs and services as well as its institutional culture. For the 2013 reaffirmation of accreditation process, special attention was paid to existing evidence that supports the extent to which the College is achieving its goals, fulfilling its mission, and meeting the 14 MSCHE standards.

This website was designed to inform and educate the community about the College’s 2011-13 reaccreditation effort. Through the self-study process, led by a college-wide steering committee, SUNY Oneonta sought to demonstrate its strengths, identify areas for improvement, and articulate its priorities. Significant milestones of this process were as follows:

  • Development of a Self-Study Design during Spring 2011 to guide the College's reaccreditation efforts and approval of the design in June 2011 by Dr. Mary Ellen Petrisko, the College’s staff liaison from Middle States
  • Work by six task groups, consisting of more than 70 members of the campus community, during the 2011-12 academic year, resulting in preliminary reports which were reflected in the first public draft of the Middle States institutional self-study report, written by the Steering Committee over Summer 2012
  • Distribution of the first public draft of the self-study report in October 2012 and visit by Dr. James Muyskens, chair of the Middle States evaluation team and president of Queens College, in that same month to discuss the draft and recommend revisions
  • Distribution of the final self-study report in January 2013
  • Middle States team visit to the Oneonta campus March 17-20, 2013
  • Final action by MSCHE on June 27 and notification of action to campus on June 28; MSCHE's specific statement of accreditation action read as follows:
    • To reaffirm accreditation and to commend the institution for the quality of the self-study process and report. The Periodic Review Report is due November 1, 2018.