Voice of the People: Daily Life in the Antebellum Rural Delaware County New York Area

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1856 illustation of boatAcknowledgement for the content of this site appropriately belongs to THE PEOPLE of the rural Delaware County area before the Civil War: those men, women, and children who wrote the letters, diaries, newspapers, and other manuscripts that comprise this site. In addition, many thanks to all those who stored these documents for the last 150 to 200 years in attics, trunks, boxes, barns, and other forgotten crannies and ultimately donated them to museums, archives, and libraries so that the stories told in these unique materials would be preserved and shared with THE PEOPLE.

This sabbatical project was made possible with the support of former College at Oneonta President Alan Donovan, former Provost F. Daniel Larkin,  and former Associate Provost for Library and Information Services Janet Potter of the State University of New York at Oneonta. I also wish to thank the staff at the Delaware County Historical Association in Delhi, NY, particularly Director Tim Guerdon and Library Manager Helen Casey for their support and patience as I sifted through the treasures in the DCHA Archives.  Others who provided suggestions, information, moral support, or encouragement include town historian Sally Beams of the Davenport  Historical Society,  transcriber Kay Benjamin, librarian Kathryn Franco, researcher and writer Shirley Houck, researcher and author Dorothy Kubik, transcriber Margaret Monaco, farmer and history buff Alvin Susina,  researchers and transcribers Dr. Frank and Cynthia Waterman. And, above all, I especially want to thank Dr. William Simons, Professor of History and recipient of the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching at the College at Oneonta for guiding this project from its inception and providing expertise and editorial suggestions. Thank you, all.

-Nancy Cannon

Illustration adapted from The Ladies Repository, July 1856, frontispiece

All materials on this website are for non-profit educational use. 

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