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Understanding the Map to Resources Document


The text that accompanies the most recent print version of the map can be found below (10/25/16)

Navigating Resource Options For Interpersonal Violence

SUNY Oneonta wants survivors of interpersonal violence (sexual assault, rape, domestic & dating violence; stalking)  to get the information and support they need. There are numerous options, accommodations, intervention services, and offices available to support survivors.
Our goal to make sure that students have a safe place to ask questions about what they observed or experienced. Students will be supported with whatever decisions they make regarding the actions available to them.
The purpose of this document and accompanying chart is to provide an overview of the options, accommodations and services available to members of the SUNY Oneonta community both on and off campus.


Who Should I Talk to First?

The decision of who to talk to first is a personal one. There are different types of reporting options:

Reporting Confidentially: If you would prefer to first speak with someone on campus who can, by law, protect your confidentiality and not share it with anyone except for in extreme circumstances of health or safety. You have three choices: the Counseling Center, Student Health Services and members of Campus Ministry.
These resources can provide you with referrals and assist you in obtaining further resources.

Reporting with Privacy: There are three offices on campus who share a greater role in violence response: The Affirmative Action Office, The Office of Community Standards and University Police.  The leaders of these three offices do share information amongst themselves in order to look for patterns of violence that may affect the greater SUNY Oneonta community. For example, a common perpetrator, or other crime details like location.
Your personal information is only shared with the minimal number of people necessary for the purpose of trend identification.

Privacy versus Confidential SUNY Oneonta respects the fact that choosing when and whom to report a crime to is very important to the survivor. The people who work on this campus want to support you through this process to the best of our abilities and to the greatest lengths possible. There are a number of laws that protect you as a crime survivor, but these same laws also dictate how many college employees can respond and help.
All reports of violence to employees (including Resident Assistants, Night Hosts, etc.) of SUNY Oneonta are required by law to file a report while maintaining your privacy to the greatest extent possible. The information you provide will only be relayed to the appropriate campus resource.


Confidential & On Campus

The Counseling Center 607-436-3368; Mon-Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm
Provides counseling and can also assist you in understanding the services that the college offers. 

Student Health Services 607-436-3573; Mon-Fri 8:00am to 4:30pm
Provides health services, testing for STIs and pregnancy, emergency contraceptive is available.


Private & On Campus

If and when you choose to meet with one of the campus officials who works in one of these offices they will explain to you how your privacy will be protected, explain to you the Students’ Bill of Rights, they will review your options with you regarding criminal justice options, student code of conduct options, title ix options as well as review accommodations that you can receive (see accommodations section) AND assist you in obtaining them.

The Office of Community Standards 607-436-3368; Mon-Fri 8:00am to 4:30pm

Affirmative Action Office (Title IX Officer) 607-436-2830; Mon-Fri 8:00am to 4:00pm

University Police Department 607-436-3550; Emergenices: 911

Off Campus Resources

Local Healthcare Providers 

Fox Hospital ER (Oneonta)

Bassett Hospital ER (Cooperstown)

Family Planning of South Central New York (similar to Planned Parenthood) 607-432-2250; Mon-Fri 9 am to 5pm

Violence Intervention Program

Operates the local 24/7 hotline which is answered by a trained crisis counselor who can explain additional service options like hospital and legal accompaniment and advocacy.
This program can also help you access crime victims compensation. The hotline service can also be used for times when you just need to talk. All services are free and confidential.
24/7 Hotline

State & National Resources  

A listing of all New York State County hotlines

Support in languages other than English online or by calling 1-800-942-6906
Pandora’s Project Support and resources for LGBT survivors of rape and sexual abuse.
Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network Learn more about crimes of sexual violence, national hotline, online (chat) hotline, links to international resources.

Obtenga ayuda online

New York State Police-24 hotline
The NYS Police maintains a 24 hour hotline to report sexual assault on NY college campuses:


These are choices that are offered to the victim upon disclosing the incidence to a college official.  In all of the choices below the college official will be the initiating party for the accommodation requested.

This means that the college official will call residence life, registrar, etc. on your behalf and make the process as easy and discrete as possible for you. You may still need to visit the office to fill out necessary paperwork. There will be no additional charges for these accommodations.

Emergency change to a new residence hall
The college maintains safe room for emergency relocation of students. This room is accessible through UPD and is the first housing change option available during hours that the residence life office is not open.
Permanent change in residence hall       
You can choose to be relocated to a new residence hall and/or room.
Change in course schedule         
You can request a change such as an added /dropped course or a change in section.
Other accomodation     
You can request other accommodations such as a change in work study assignment or other academic support actions.
Request that a no contact order be issued          
When the accused is a member of the campus community a no-contact order can be issued. If the person requesting the no contact order and the accused  find themselves in the same public space on campus, it is the responsibility of the accused to leave the area immediately and without making any direct contact.
Request that a persona non grata letter be issued           
When the accused is not a member of the college community, a persona non grata letter  can be issued which prohibits a person who is not a member of the campus community from coming on campus.


Judicial Options

There are several judicial options available to those who experience violence. The options vary based on the specific nature of the crime that was experienced.
The options that are available to you will be explained by the office that you choose to report through.
You may also choose to not pursue a judicial option.

Silent Witness

Reporting Anonymously: You may wish to only alert the college that a crime happened, in which case you can report the crime through the Silent Witness form on the UPD website.
This form is accessible by searching ‘Silent Witness’ in the search engine. You can anonymously report a crime. UPD receives the information, if enough details are provided an investigation will be done.

Bias Incident Response Team

Students who feel that they have been the target of, or who have witnessed a hate or bias incident can use this online form to make the College aware of these incidents. Members of the Bias Acts Response Team will assist those using this form to identify possible outcomes available to them. Access the form by searching ‘BART’ in the search engine.

know violence

The know violence committee’s mission is to prevent interpersonal violence and shift community norms for the SUNY Oneonta campus community by implementing evidence-based education and outreach strategies for violence prevention and connecting community members to additional resources.
For more details about the map to resources and it’s most current version visit the know violence website at: