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Information security is everyone's responsibility.

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Information is valuable - especially your personal information. It's valuable to you since it tells the world who you are and that no one else is you. It lets you get a credit card, a job, a degree. It is the record of your childhood illnesses and your financial habits.

Identiy theives want to steal it so THEY can make online purchases, apply for loans, send SPAM - with YOUR identity.

Sound creepy? It is. It is also difficult and expensive to correct. Students in college today grew up with this technology and do much of their communicating and socializing online. It can be easy to forget that information, which is so easy to share, must also be protected.

Here are some resources to help you learn about IT Seurity:

SUNY Oneonta's IT Security Program

NYS Office of Cyber Security Newsletters

Security Notices

Portal Convenience and Security Enhancements provides a single place for students to access information and services at the College. It is much more convenient to be able to log on once and read email, register for classes and add money to your Dragon Dollars account. The portal should enhance the security of your information as well since you no longer have to remember a number of different passwords for the various accounts. This means you can choose one really good, strong password or passphrase to protect most of your stuff. (Individual applications still have their own passwords but since you don’t have to type them in all the time they are less likely to get compromised.) It also means that it is more important than ever to protect your Oneonta password. Never share it with ANYONE - Not your roommate or your girl/boyfriend or your mom. Never send it in response to an email or a webpage linked from an email. Remember – that password is now more valuable than ever.

And when you are finished with the portal, be sure to log out of the applications you have been using and the portal. Then, close your browser - all open tabs - before you leave the computer or let someone else use it. If you leave the browser open, even if you have closed the portal tab, someone else could access your information. When using a lab computer, always log off when you are done.