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Aimee Swan, IT Security Administrator

SUNY Oneonta Security Program

Goal is to assure confidentiality, integrity and availability of data

  • “This program applies to all faculty, staff and students of the College, or others … who may utilize the College’s technology and related facilities.”
  • Security is everyone’s responsibility
  • Contact the IT Security Administrator with any questions or if you suspect there has been a security breach

Be aware

  • Make information security a regular practice
  • Guard against Phishing attempts and scams
  • Remain vigilant where information security is concerned


  • Never share a password
  • Choose strong passwords
  • Change passwords regularly and IMMEDIATELY if you suspect your password has been compromised
  • Never post your password
  • Never save passwords in applications

Physical Security

  • Always lock your computer when you leave it unattended (ctrl-alt-del or Windows-l for Windows)
  • Never leave hard copies with sensitive data in plain view
  • Always log out of web applications (Banner, e-mail) and close browser

Laptops and Mobile Devices

  • Guard against theft
  • Beware of using insecure networks
  • Use Strong passwords
  • Encrypt sensitive data


  • A general term for malicious software
  • Includes viruses, trojans, rootkits, spyware, etc.
  • Vectors of infection include e-mail, web pages, links sent through IM sessions, hidden in other programs
  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware software – keep it running and up-to-date
  • Keep operating system patches up-to-date

Signs of Infection

  • Computer slows down
  • New homepage, toolbars, default search pages or favorites in browser
  • Anti-virus and/or anti-spyware software get disabled
  • Call the Information Technology Helpdesk about using the ASCI or Secure Desktop program for your office computer


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